Connected Through the Worlds

Connecting Through the WorldsThree questions I received on my connection with Rabash:

Question: Rabash wrote that Baal HaSulam’s students fell from the spiritual level they were on after Baal HaSulam died because they no longer had anyone to support them. Didn’t they notice this? And more importantly: How does a Kabbalist guard himself from this, what does he use for support? Baal HaSulam didn’t have a Rav, and neither did Rabash, and now you don’t have a Rav either. How do you guard yourself from descents and mistakes?

My Answer: Just like them – by being connected with them directly and clearly! One who has attained the Creator’s plan continues to advance. One who realizes that it is necessary and feels responsible does not leave the path.

Everyone experiences descents and ascents until the end of all the levels. However, beginners fall into their egoism and can’t even “move a finger” on their own, whereas the advanced students experience this in another way. Hence, one should focus all of one’s energy on overcoming the first part of the path.

Question: What do you do when you run out of answers?! If Rabash was still with us today, then you would still be studying with him and asking him questions. But what do you do when you have questions now? Do you ever have questions that you haven’t found the answers to yet?

My Answer: If I have questions, then I ask Rabash. This isn’t mysticism, but reality. I am his student because I attained a connection with him – not a physical connection, but an inner connection through equivalence of form. Hence, when I have questions, I turn to this image, to greater equivalence of form with him, or in other words, to “his image in me,” and this is how I find his answers to my questions – like a lower degree learns and receives from a higher degree.

It’s because the lower one feels the Upper One. One always feels only himself, and he feels it only inside him. Rabash remains the Upper Partzuf for me and I have a connection with him. Otherwise I wouldn’t call myself his student.

Question: Dear Rav Laitman, who authorized you to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah?

My Answer: My teacher Rav Baruch Ashlag (Rabash), the eldest son of Baal HaSulam. I wrote my first three books while I was by his side. I was his secretary, assistant, and student for twelve years. The most important thing in Kabbalah is who you learn from. In addition, “learning” means that you are really a student of your teacher and are connected to him in every way. See “A Speech in Celebration of the Conclusion of The Zohar” by Baal HaSulam.

After my teacher passed away, I continued doing our common work in this world. Rabash was the only Kabbalist in the previous generation, and I am his student. I think that my lessons, books, and everything I do indicate this. I only teach the works of Baal HaSulam and Rabash.

Incidentally, did you ask this question of other people who teach “Kabbalah” today?

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  1. As I have no official teacher of Kabbalah, I ask the Creator for answers to my most pressing questions. I always receive answers to heartfelt questions – though not in the form I may expect!

    More often than not, answers (or generally just bigger questions) descend from my creator through you, Rav Laitman.

    And once again, with this blog post, the Creator has graced me with His answers.

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