When Outside the Group, Act Like Everyone Else

When Outside the Group, Act Like Everyone ElseTwo questions I received on how to act in the group and outside of it:

Question: It’s great that everyone annuls themselves before the goal. But should one do it according to how the majority acts? Do some people know what is best for the group more than others?

My Answer: The proper way to act when you are alone and when you are in the group follows from the laws of nature. It’s because we are all part of nature and there are laws governing all our desires, thoughts, and actions. We have to know these laws and follow them, and then we will feel absolutely comfortable – we will feel that our existence is eternal and perfect, just like Nature or the Creator.

Question: Is it correct to annul myself before my friends who aren’t studying Kabbalah and have nothing to do with it?

My Answer: You should definitely not act Kabbalistically toward anyone outside of the group. When you are outside of the group, you have to act just like everyone else! It is written, “Love your neighbor as yourself!” This means that you shouldn’t just love anyone, but only your neighbor according to your aspirations and your goal.

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