A Woman Can Love Others – Egoistically

A Woman Can Love Others - EgoisticallyTwo questions I received on women, love and egoism:

Question: In one of your talks you mentioned that women know how to love or have this ability and men don’t. If we all egoistic, then what kind of love can women give?

My Answer: Egoistic love. A woman can take care of the people whom she egoistically loves or respects.

Question: Dear Rav, I have been studying Kabbalah for some time. I realize fully that I am totally egocentric and hope that the Creator will help me with this. But I also seem to note more than ever the egocentrism of other people in my every day life and I really don’t like it. What can I do to overcome judgment and be at least polite to them if not compassionate, which I find very hard to do?

My Answer: What you are seeing in others is your own reflection, according to the rule “Everyone who condemns others, condemns himself.” However, if you loved them, then you would love their egoism as well – just like you would a baby of yours.

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