The Breaking Was Necessary

Dr. Michael LaitmanThey key in this entire picture is to understand that we exist in one state. When the point in the heart awakens in us, it pushes us to reveal the true reality which fully depends on the efforts of the actual person and nothing else.

The entire reality already exists in its complete perfection and magnificence. But we are unable to attain the perception of the true reality without the revelation of evil, suffering, and sorrow.

Then, the person naturally justifies all the stages of his path during the process of the development of his desires. He understands that all the suffering that every part of his soul experienced was necessary to reveal the true state which was perfect from the very beginning. He saw these desires as separate, broken, distant, and suffering because this was the only way for him to understand this enormous anguish. He could attain this suffering only due to the fact that it got divided into numerous pieces which he perceived as foreign.

Gradually, with the help of the Light which corrects his attitude towards them, man reveals that these are his own parts, and to this extent, he acquires the ability to justify everything the world has gone through over the course of its history.

This is how he accumulates within himself all the suffering of this enormous vessel, desire, and can bear it. This is a huge combined suffering of all souls throughout time, collected into one vessel with love towards and in unity with them. And then he reaches the state of “grieving for Jerusalem,” which is the collective broken Malchut. And when he reveals it, he also discovers its joy.

From this it becomes clear that the breaking was necessary to help us reveal the suffering of this entire enormous soul while being opposite to its perfection. This is why a person justifies all of these actions: the breaking and the entire process of correction, seeing this great mercy and the Creator’s absolute love for him.

If not for the breaking, he would not be able to bear such an enormous empty Kli (desire)—opposite to its great bestowal! For this reason, the breaking we are in today is a joyous opportunity to attain absolute desire, absolute trepidation, and grieve for Jerusalem to finally feel its joy.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/9/2011, Writings of Rabash

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