Summing Up The Roundtable Discussion

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What would you say at the end of the roundtable discussion to sum up its results?

Answer: I would say the following: We made an attempt to connect, to rise above our disputes, and we tried to perceive the connection as an uppermost value. It became clear to us that if we connect, then by this connection we will be able to solve different problems. If we continue with the roundtable discussions, we will have a chance to succeed.

We will live without conflicts and wars in a more appropriate manner that everyone will acknowledge. All layers of society can be part of this connection. No one will be deprived in any way, and it’s the safest way to solve problems.

If we continue with our attempts to connect by such discussions, we can reach a general consensus, unity, and mutual understanding. The representatives of all layers of society will unite, talk, and understand each other better. They will try to connect above all the differences and will not point at each other, blaming the others.

We raise ourselves to such a level in order to first think of our connection. Then from this connection, like in a family, we will solve all the problems each of us has.

There is no other approach that enables us to reach a just distribution of resources to which no one will object. First, we have to reach cooperation, and then we can already see what each one wants and decide how we can all do it together. But if we distribute the resources without this connection, it will bring about terrible wars, and then the strong ones will try to take a greater share. Then we will never be able to live in peace and in agreement.
From the Workshop in Toronto 6/20/12 

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