I Want Everyone To Feel Good!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What exactly does our connection come down to?

Answer: Our connection is based on the fact that we are all part of one society and we want to make it a better, more just, kind, and compassionate society that listens carefully to every individual.

I want everyone to feel good! No one should be dispossessed of his assets and we shouldn’t take money from the rich. No one can neglect any of the weaker strata of society: the poor, the elderly, or women. One should not profit at the expense of another.

This is possible only if we first establish a fair society based on equality. From this perspective, we will treat everyone like in a family where there are children, elderly, and parents with many responsibilities, obligations, and problems. However, if we all sit at around the table, we understand what the child needs, what medicines grandpa needs, and what the household expenses should be. Now we look at what is left and we divide the rest among us and live on it.

If we could act and solve all the problems in society in such a loving attitude towards everyone, no one would complain about why we acted the way we did. Everyone would see that it is all done fairly since a baby has certain needs and an elderly has other needs. This means that we first have to attain connection like in a good family.

Then even if we don’t have great resources, they will suffice and no one will suffer and feel deprived, which is the main complaint people usually express as they feel that they don’t have what the others have and what is more, it is at my expense.
From the Workshop in Toronto 6/20/12

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