Removing Spicy Distractions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do men and women take part in the process of integrality?

Answer: In principle, there are no special differences between men and women. In the classroom, it is preferable, of course, to protect the men from sexual interferences and to make sure that even if they are sitting together in a mixed group, it won’t distract them from their awareness. Especially if they are sitting in a circle looking at each other and communicating, they have to learn to rise above the sexual attractions and rejections of their “animal” so that they will look at each person in the circle as the source of desire, and that each one can become integrated with the others, above their body. This is what we need to bring them to.

If we see this kind of disturbance still exists, then beforehand we will have to build a group in which this kind of disturbance won’t appear.

Question: In the second phase of the studies, we prepare experts, both men and women. The task of the man is more or less understood. But which tasks should be prepared for the women?

Answer: I think that more educational tasks for the children, for pensioners, and less for grownups aged 17-50 where male instructors will be more demanded and more suitable.

Of course, this needs to be according to the society you are involved with: Europeans, Asians, or South Americans. It could be that the teaching will be done by couples who will show how they cooperate successfully with each other. In this way, a good atmosphere will be created in the group, and there won’t be any sexual problems.

They can display their equal and absolute cooperation, like two teachers, two human beings, that are approaching the integral world, and want to be included into humanity above their bodies, above the hormones, and other kinds of considerations, and then this will influence the group and they will be able to work quietly and peacefully.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/22/12

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  2. Ideally we can integrate correct hormonal elements as well, as everything has its place.

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