Middle Class Greeks Queue For Charity Soup

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from DailyMail): “’At first it was the immigrants and the illegals; the homeless. Now they’ve been joined by the young, the professionals, the middle class. And every day more come. …’

“‘We’re seeing them younger and younger,’ [volunteer Dimitria Kollia] says. ‘And also professional couples who’ve lost their jobs. In three months the queue has changed, and that is very frightening for our future.’

“… A quarter of Greek firms have gone bust in three years; employment is at 22 per cent and rising; new property taxes have hit all, as have massive salary, pension and welfare cuts. …

“Quietly every day, and the figure is rising, at least 4,000 are fed by the charity of the city [Athens], the churches and individual communities. Some say that figure is a woeful underestimate. Schools have been given extra meals for children who have been fainting with hunger.”

My Comment: It’s impossible to feed the hungry in this way; there will be up to 50% of them and more. All manufacturing and services are being reduced to a reasonable limit, the economy of reasonable consumption. We should accept growing unemployment as a fact, as a trend rather than a sudden and temporary phenomenon, create a new approach to the new world—for this our program of integral education and upbringing is intended.

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