Overcoming The Individualistic Barrier

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Even if we gather all the information about the development of the crisis and the rapidly changing world, most people aren’t able to perceive it. They don’t want to hear it or to change anything, and they continue to live as before.

Answer: This is natural; they exist in their individual egoism. All this information is foreign to them, which is why they shut themselves off from it. They have, if not aggression, at least a defense mechanism against something that isn’t simply new but completely opposite to their internal properties.

For that reason, we need to choose a very soft, simple, and, perhaps even in some ways, a playful approach to entice and engage them, and to clothe the integral knowledge in attractive forms.

These can be videos, movies, and various acting scenarios that illustrate the history of humanity and tell about our current states, not directly scientifically through tables and graphs, but conveying the information emotionally in a way that is close to a person using examples from life’s situations. Through that, they will learn.

People perceive information quite differently through the examples of others rather than themselves. This approach allows one to overcome one’s personal barrier; he or she learns from this and gradually begins to understand that what is said in general is talking about him or herself.

All sorts of explanations in the form of movies, videos, and theatre skits are discussed. Here, a person gradually adapts everything to himself and realizes that this is talking about him, about our world, our life, our lack of correspondence to the external universal human and civilization systems. So, here, we need to find a new form of approaching people.

For the first time in our lives, we’re encountering a teaching that goes “against” a person. Previously, we always were taught: “You need to know this in order to succeed, to be strong, knowledgeable, sensible, to overcome, rise up, and win over the others.” And now, we’re teaching that a person needs to be the same as the others: “You need to be connected to them on the same level; the most important thing is not to be above them, but to be together with them.” In other words, here, we’re basically playing against our egoism, which means that we need to be much wiser and more cunning than our egoism in order to outplay it.

In principle, the integral method is “help against you,” that is, against your egoism, and nothing can be done. We must understand that the same approach must be taken here as with a small child who needs to be taught things that he has absolutely no desire to accept, that is to approach him with some alternative methods. Gradually, he himself will realize, “This is exactly how I need to behave; this is how I need to relate to something.”
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing”, 5/20/12

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The Writing Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanIsrael’s “Book Week” is starting soon and some call it “The Festival of the Hebrew Book.”

In general, a book is a source for the revelation of the human essence itself. It is here that the main difference between a human and a beast is found; at a certain point in our evolution, man began to write. Although at first it was carving on rocks and later writing on parchment, one way or the other, it was already human. Beasts pass on a lot of information to one another, but they have no written form to pass it to distant or succeeding generations.

Thanks to man’s ability to write, he can overcome distances, motion, and time and transcend the temporal axis and the three spatial axes, and overcomes nature’s control over his body. By knowing how to write, it is as if I exit my body since my writings reach those whom I will never actually meet. This is the essence of being human.

It is about very deep roots. In the past, books were parchment scrolls, but in the modern world there is still a form different from the electronic form. Although it is much more convenient to read from a computer screen and many have gotten used to it, I still don’t think that the paper pages of a book will disappear so fast.

We feel by seeing visual images: Clips can be moving and can evoke you, but written texts give you an understanding. The wisdom comes through letters and the feeling through visual images.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to publish books in any form. Everyone can disseminate them no matter if you are a veteran or not. Every group has a chance to participate in the correction of the world through the corporeal action and to “earn” a spiritual reward.

Because our world is the last and special degree in the ladder of the worlds, we can exert ourselves physically here and receive a spiritual reward. By embracing the friends despite the hatred we feel, I still summon the Reforming Light. So from an egoistic intention of Lo Lishma (not for His sake), we advance towards the intention of in order to bestow Lishma (for His sake), from the evil inclination to the good inclination. The Light comes in reaction to my physical action and changes my desire. This doesn’t exist in the spiritual worlds. We only need to know how to use it.

Similarly, by disseminating books, I actually bestow. Not even knowing how, by my inclination, I open up the way for the Light, which later passes through me to people. Thus I become a “pipe” that passes on the Light. What can be better than that? This is actually all of our mission: to pass on the Light from the Creator to the world. So it is actually an action that belongs to the Kabbalistic method, and there is nothing more beneficial to a person than to follow exactly this way, directly.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/31/12, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)“

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A Live Thread

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe grow only with the help of the environment, like children who take examples from adults. To the extent that I appreciate my environment, it will serve as an example for me. If I see those around me as ordinary people, no better than me, what can I learn from them?

If I work on myself, on my ego, in order to raise the friends, I see them as the Creator’s emissaries. After all, besides a person there is only the Creator, as it says: “There is none else besides Him.” In such an environment I can grow.

I grow precisely with the understanding that there is no one else besides the Creator. I constantly have to see myself in contact with the Creator, and as a result, to check which attributes and thoughts separate me from Him in “words” and especially in “deeds.”

This is woven and becomes a request, a prayer, because a person begins to fear disconnecting from the thought and from this feeling that may be the very first, and very weak feeling of connection with the Creator. If I manage to feel the fine thread that ties me with the Creator, I have to be careful that it doesn’t break or disappear. No interruption can negate the recognition that I have that I am tied to the Creator by this fine thread.

This fear begins to live in me, and so I accept all the troubles and problems that arise in my extraneous thoughts, desires, and confusion, I take as a “helpmate.” I see that the Creator sends me all this in order to let me overcome the obstacles and to strengthen our connection.

I cannot overcome any obstacles by myself, and I must ask the Creator to help me. Then the Creator gives me power, and instead of one thread that ties us together, there are already two!

Then another obstacle comes along and thanks to it, I receive a third thread. Thus, gradually, the threads are woven together and become a thick rope that strongly ties me to the Creator.

I shouldn’t ask that “all the evils that are revealed should die,” which means that all the obstacles should disappear. Otherwise, how would I build my connection with the Creator? I have to ask that the evil be “reformed” and turned to the Creator, which means to use these obstacles, and as I rise above them, to strengthen my contact with the Creator.

If I am constantly careful to preserve and strengthen the thread that ties us together, it gradually becomes a pipe through which flows the energy of life.

At first I receive the power of life only from the feeling of my connection, but later I begin to learn its character, its different faces, its different forms. I accumulate experience: Which obstacles did I face, how did I overcome them, thanks to which request, how did the Creator arrange these obstacles in order to make them the threads that tie us together? So I learn how the Creator treats me as I turn the negative states into positive ones.

I work on this contrast of black and white: Once, I see the Creator’s angry face on the background of some disturbance, and once, His kind and loving eyes. So I begin to know Him according to these two looks, like a father who sometimes turns to his son with a loving, smiling face and sometimes looks strict, and in this way teaches him.

I constantly strengthen the connection between us, and the levels of this connection determine the levels of the spiritual ladder. At first the connection is very weak, just in order to hold on to him like an embryo in his mother’s womb. But later, a person begins to be more active, a state called Yenika (feeding). Then he becomes an “adult,” which means that he knows how to use this connection consciously; he evokes it more or less and through it receives the Light for a certain goal.

All this depends on how strongly a person holds on to the group that provides him with support, constantly learning. Then a connection is formed from the hair of these tiny threads that are created by his endless efforts not to allow this connection to break even for a moment, which brings a person to revelation. But all the work begins from the reverent fear that a person’s connection with the Creator may be cut off.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/30/12, Shamati #61

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And The Darkness Will Shine Like The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Item 138: Yet, you should know that the distance between the dresses of the Torah in this world and the dresses of the Torah in the world of Atzilut is immeasurable. …

“Dresses of the Torah” stand for imaginary pictures. In fact, there are no dresses whatsoever, but rather there exists the Light and a vessel that portrays its own “reality” against the Light to the degree of their similarity. The Light stands for absolute bestowal, and the sensation of the vessel depends on the level of its correspondence to the Light.

This is what is meant by dresses of the Torah, the wrappers that conceal the Light from the vessel, from the person. And of course, at the level of this world where one is maximally corrupt, these screens that cover the Light happen to be the greatest possible cover-ups.

Yet, the Torah itself, meaning the Light within the dresses, is unchanged at all between the Torah of Atzilut and the Torah of this world, as it is written, “I the Lord change not” (Malachi 3:6).

The Light constantly remains in complete rest; however, it descends to a person depending on one’s level. It goes through the “dresses,” which are intended to help in a way that a person acquires them, and covers his ego, and by doing so reveals the Light, since he manages to change the type of dresses from obscuring to revealing.

This is so because the concealment is the reason for the disclosure. After its correction, during the disclosure, the concealment is to the disclosure as a wick is to the light that grips it. The greater the concealment, the greater Light will cling to it when it is corrected. Thus, all these crude dresses that the Torah is clothed in, in this world, their value is not at all inferior to the Light that clothes it, but quite the contrary.

Let’s mark the Light with red and the dresses with blue. The lower we descend through the worlds of Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya (ABYA), the more dresses we find. The Light of Infinity is constant; everything depends on the place where the receiving person is. Of course, major dresses of the world of Assiya finally disclose the most powerful Light to a person. It is called “the opposite order of the Lights and vessels.”

And The Darkness Will Shine Like The Light
Question: What in fact are the dresses?

Answer: Concealing screens. In spirituality, there is a law of similarity of properties: If you possess a certain negative potential (-), the Light will manifest itself negatively (-) so that there is equality between them (=). Otherwise, you are unable to stay alive.

The Light has to diminish itself to your degree. That’s why the system of worlds (Olamot) exists—the system of concealments (Alamot): The Light decreases to the extent that you can tolerate it.

Question: What turns concealing dresses into revealing?

Answer: A person does. By rising above reason, one makes a decision to create a dress and demands that it hide his egoism; at the same time, he strives to be above his ego and to rise to the level of bestowal. This is how a person acquires a screen and starts working “on top” of it.

In the same way, the fire clings to the wick: The depth of our desires, our separation from the Creator, and our aspirations eventually transcend into the Light. There is no Light on its own. Our efforts enhance the thickness of the desire, and the darkness starts to illuminate. Without the wick there is no fire since fire cannot burn in a void; it needs fuel, which will shine and illuminate as the Light.

Question: What do we need for that?

Answer: We need to accept concealment as the biggest help that allows us to gradually move on and approach the giving force.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/20/12, “The Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 06.03.12

Preparation to the Lesson

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Shamati #126A Sage Comes to Town

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The Book of ZoharSelected Excerpts “Beresheet (Genesis),” “This Is the Generations of Adam,” Item 470, Lesson 111

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Part 2, Chapter 2, Item 5, “Ohr Pnimi,” Lesson 4

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The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee),” (Starting with: “For this reason”), Lesson 3

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