The First Revelation Of The Creator

laitman_940Question: You often speak about unity among the friends, but can you discern between corporeal and spiritual feelings? After learning so many concepts, there might be a common confusion: what a good or a bad mood is, what joy is that stems from ordinary connections, and what his feelings are in general.

Is it even possible to discern these feelings or does it all work according to the method of faith? It is all very contradictory. One day I feel that I have a good ordinary life and I am in a good mood and love the whole world, and the next day I feel that I hate everyone. After all, these feelings change according to a person’s advancement and according to his spiritual ascent. This is all very similar to the way we build our relations in the corporeal world and to the way we feel about other people!

Answer: Only the persistent continuous work in group by discussing the mutual relations with the friends and by comparing their attributes with the Creator’s character can guide their relations by imitating and resembling the Creator. Thus, you will create His image between you, the first level of the upper world, (Nefesh of the world of Assiya). This will be your first revelation of the Creator.

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