And God Created Woman

laitman_286Question: If the feminine nature is the start of everything, does the man exist for the woman?

Answer: Yes. The Creator didn’t create the man; He created the woman “from the rib of Adam,” as it says in the Torah. It is simply necessary to interpret these words more precisely. “Adam” is a characteristic of the Creator that the Creator intended as an attitude regarding the future creature, the woman. So it is natural that the female part, which wants to attain adhesion with the Creator, motivates the male part toward a common action for unification, resulting in the discovery of the world. It seems as if this is his destruction, but it isn’t destruction. Rather, it is a type of correction after the defects and faults that are concealed in the depths of the connection between us are discovered.

Adam and Eve discover the depth of the ruined connection; they do this unconsciously. After that, the feminine mystique gradually begins to be discovered. “Eve” is the feminine nature that wants to attain full resemblance, full adhesion, with the Creator through faith that this is possible, but without understanding that something is concealed within the depth of desire.

There was no movement, no drive, in Adam to receive all the Light within himself. It is only the feminine nature that could awaken this in him. Without the feminine nature he would “go naked in the garden,” as it says, and “sing his own song.” He would remain in a state of Katnut (smallness) and wouldn’t want anything else.

Discovery of the feminine nature within himself is the discovery of an immense longing within him to attain the Creator. To attain the Creator he must truly discover his essence, how opposite and against the characteristics of the Creator he is. So the “sin of the Tree of Knowledge” was arranged for Adam and Eve. In this way the discovery of the immense egoistic potential in them was the beginning of the entire human species.

From this point on, there began to appear such connections between the feminine and masculine nature, the desire to receive (the feminine) and the intention for the sake of bestowal (the masculine), which were already clothed in the new form of the souls of the Kabbalists.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/24/16

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