How Should We Relate To Unfaithfulness?

laitman_961Question: In the past every man had several women, is this considered unfaithfulness?

Answer: In earlier times it was not considered unfaithfulness or anything unusual, since a man did not neglect his family.

If we wish to understand this phenomenon, we should simply understand the upper nature of a man and a woman first, and then accordingly understand what we can demand from each of them.

A woman feels that she belongs to her man. This is how she is built psychologically, and so any expression of passion on her man’s part to another woman seems to her as unfaithfulness. Women’s sexual passion is related to feelings, to faithfulness, etc., whereas a man’s passion stems from sexual arousal, and he doesn’t feel anything toward the object of his passion other than the sex drive.

This is the reason that humanity needs to learn how to live and to relate to each other correctly according to nature.

Question: What if a man is in a long-term relationship with another woman?

Answer: Then it is not sexual attraction anymore but also a material connection. It was acceptable in earlier times for a man to have several families or one family with several wives and many kids from his different wives.

Today, there are cultures in which a woman can have several men; it is all a matter of culture.

Question: But is there anything that can harm one’s spiritual development? Isn’t it a transgression of the commandment “thou shall not commit adultery?”

Answer: Adultery refers to a woman who is married to another man. A married woman is a taboo, just as a woman has no right to seduce a married man.

But today we live in such a time and our life is so confused that the corporeal laws no longer match a person’s spiritual nature.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/6/15

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