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Loneliness Kills

293Some time ago, there was a suicide: a young man, an Israeli, a school teacher, committed suicide. He had a steady job, students, good health, and good looks, but was lonely.

In his farewell post on Facebook he wrote, “It’s bad when a person is alone. Loneliness kills. Day after day passes, month after month, year after year, and I am alone all the time: at lunch, at work, in the evening, on weekends, on holidays, on birthdays that no one remembers. The few friends I had disappeared over time. It’s time for me to go.”

This young man was not an exceptional case. According to statistics, even before the coronavirus, almost half of Americans felt lonely all the time or from time to time. 54% said they do not have close friends—that is about 200 million people in the US alone.

Loneliness is not only an American phenomenon. According to surveys, about one-third of Britons often feel lonely. Half of Britons over the age of 65 spend time with their TV, dog, or cat. In America and Canada, single people occupy 28% of all homes, and in European countries—34% or more. Since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, the problem of loneliness became even more acute.

Why do people feel more alone than ever in the most sociable era in human history? This indicates that there is no connection between us, despite the fact that we seem to be connected. We invent new communication devices: radio, television, the Internet, computers with an infinite number of different programs.

Yet, all this does not give a person fulfillment. One can find company, but it does not meet his inner demand to feel an internal connection, mutual dependence, like with the people that you are close to so that we are really interested in each other’s lives and do not just ask out of politeness.

There is no heartfelt connection between us. It turns out that I do not owe anything to anyone, and no one owes me anything. I do not need anyone, and nobody needs me, so I am not really connected to anyone.

When a person feels this way internally, it cuts them off from life. After all, what else is there in it? Sky, earth, air, houses, cars, all this fuss? The life on the screen of a TV or computer does not touch me, does not require my participation and help. In other words, our connections lack heart. This is the reason that so many people suffer from loneliness and even end up taking their own lives.

It would seem that it is good not to depend on anyone. However, we see that this is not the case. We want to be bound to each other by mutual obligations so that someone is important to me, and I am important to someone, and not just a statistical unit. I want to be a person so that someone is interested in me.

No one taught us at school how to communicate with each other. At work, too, no one is interested in the person himself, rather the worker is important. We have not built a society that binds people with friendly relations, with care for each other. The means of communication are only called that, but what do they connect us to? We have lost the correct direction of our aspirations.

Even the connection between parents and children disappeared: parents go to work early in the morning and return late at night. As soon as the children have the opportunity to leave their parents’ homes, they immediately run away. If they stay, it is only because there is nowhere to go and it is more cost-effective to stay with their parents, that is, this is an attitude of a consumer.

Mother will always feed, clothe, and give shelter. Yet, I am not going to create such a family myself. I was not brought up for family relationships. I lived in a family where my mother and father went to work for the whole day, and I did not see the family. The family once existed where a woman stayed at home with children and a man went to work. In the evening, the whole family gathered together and looked at each other because there was no TV. There were many children in the families and the grandparents were also there.

Today there is no such thing, today children lock themselves in their rooms with a computer and have their own life. We grow up to be indifferent, devoid of human sympathy, and do not need each other. At least, the way we are now—we do not need each other. Loneliness is the result of all this.

However, people suffer from loneliness, they want connection. They do not want to commit themselves, but a person is a social being, and therefore cannot live without society. A person needs to rely on the society to be associated with it and to learn from it. If you do not talk to him, do not take an interest in him, then he grows up to be an animal and not a human.

Therefore, it is not surprising that it is good people, educated people, who are drawn to society, to connection with others, who see that such life is worthless.
From KabTV’s “Global Perspectives” 8/16/20

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Who Does The Virus Hit More – Men Or Women?

198Comment: The coronavirus has hit almost everyone: presidents, ordinary people, from fisherman to academic. Millionaires, not understanding what is happening, sit all locked up.

On the other hand, statistics show that twice as many men as women die from the coronavirus. There are many different explanations. Women supposedly have a better immune system and are less addicted to bad habits. How would you explain this?

My Response: I think men are more attached to and more responsible for correcting the world than women. They are more opposed to integral nature than women. They are more selfish. Therefore, to this extent they are more affected by the virus.

Question: Are men more selfish than women?

Answer: Of course. In its manifestations regarding nature, the surrounding society, etc. Women are still more likely to share, somehow balance. Their inner animal essence is like this. Not so with men. He is a conqueror, he is all about competition, and so on. So, the virus refers to them more. Therefore, they are more susceptible to viruses, weaker. Women are stronger. I think this is clear to everyone. A woman’s body is much stronger, much more resilient.

Question: Is it because they have this warmth, home, birth?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And the men have belligerence, hatred, and a desire to kill, capture?

Answer: This is a different kind of egoism. Of course.

Comment: You said something very important. Men have a greater responsibility to the upper system, to nature.

My Response: Yes, to become like it precisely because they are more egoistic. This is a very complex system, and it is impossible to begin examining now to what extent women and men are the opposite of an altruistic nature each in their own way.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/20/20

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Base For Creating A Family

79.01Question: If earlier the basis for creating a family was to provide the necessary needs for a person, today, when all these needs are met, it is necessary to look for a higher goal for creating a family. What could be such a goal?

Answer: I don’t see it in the modern world. Neither does humanity. However, the science of Kabbalah states that the family is necessary in order to be like a higher power. The obligation to create a family, give birth, and raise children is dictated to us by the higher necessity, so that we become like the Creator.

Since we are not animals in the sense that we do not have the instincts that guide animals and because we can regulate the problems of families independently, we must bind ourselves to certain values. They come from our similarity to a higher force of nature.

Question: The Creator is a property of bestowal that develops all of nature. Therefore, in order for this property to manifest in me and I could understand where it can be applied and in relation to whom, I must have a family. I learn this instinctively in my own household, and then I can apply it to other people?

Answer: Yes. And then correctly transfer it to the whole society.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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A Look From Your Own Selfishness

565.01Remark: Each person sees in his partner only those qualities that are present in himself in an uncorrected form, according to the principle “each judges according to his own flaws.”

My Comment: The fact is that we can perceive nature only in our material senses. Perceiving others in our egoistic properties, we draw their images accordingly. Naturally, everyone who denounces others does it out of his own egoism.

Remark: Today many psychologists believe that a person’s properties do not change, and therefore one cannot demand changes from a partner.

My Comment: No, they can change. We can even change each other, but not by pressure, shouting, or beating, but only by a soft example.

Remark: But you said that character traits do not change, but their application changes. If a person uses them in order to keep a family, then any qualities, although unchanged, work in the right direction.

My Comment: Absolutely.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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What Is Love Built On?

963.6Question: You often say in your talks that it is wrong to consider mutual attraction to be love, that love should be built by mutual concessions. Why should attraction prevent me from developing feelings for my partner?

Answer: Attraction cannot prevent you. However, love is not based on sexual attraction. That is necessary as an integral part, but it is absolutely not enough. It is like in mathematics—the condition is necessary but not sufficient.

Love occurs when there is a certain type of spiritual contact between partners, when they complement each other, when there is a gradual rapprochement, mutual spiritual satiation by each other. Therefore, sexual relations do not play a primary role here.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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Modern Society And The Family

531.02Question: Today, people don’t want to feel bound. They want to move freely around the world, to satisfy their monetary desires. The development of technology allows the artificial creation of children, so there is no need for marriage. Everyone can satisfy their economic and sexual needs outside of the family.

Can it be that the family as the basic foundation for the development of relations between people will disappear? Or will a person be forced to look for some additional values to support the family?

Answer: The fact is that in all generations the family has been based on necessity. In order to provide a person with a normal retirement, he had to have a family, children, so that later, when he became sick, a feeble old man, they would take care of him until death. This was what kept the family together since a person could not survive alone.

And with the emergence of such a high-tech, developed society as today, we seem to have no need for this. I can provide myself with anything, everything, and I need nothing. Therefore, I do not care about having a family, but about being able to buy all the necessary services. This is what we came to in the twentieth century.

Of course, this is not a good thing because it does not replace good relations with each other. But little remains of the past good relationships because we are busy developing our egoism.

This has affected the relationship between spouses and parents with children. Nursing homes and kindergartens appeared, anything to throw off the yoke of caring for children, parents, and the elderly.

Remark: Unfortunately, society does not teach us the correct relationships in the family, does not explain the difference between the sexes, or the purpose of the family. Therefore, it is very difficult to keep the family from falling apart.

My Comment: As a result, society gets back what it could not give in the upbringing of the young. We have entered a state where our egoism is in urgent need of reformation.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/17/20

281.02Question: Why does the ego subjugate only to fear?

Answer: What else can it subjugate to? The ego wants to fill itself with everything except fear, except the feeling of emptiness. This is the only thing it fears.

Question: How can we nevertheless connect such incompatible attributes like egoism and altruism?

Answer: Egoism and altruism can connect only one above the other. This is called faith above reason, when altruism is more important than egoism. This is what you determine when you study the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: If man is the force of bestowal and woman is the force of reception, why are there so many couples of the same gender?

Answer: First of all, the question is formulated incorrectly. From a spiritual perspective, men and women differ only by their egoistic attributes. In men, they manifest themselves in their own way and in women in their own way. But they are both egoistic. Couples represent animalistic coupling of people and it has nothing to do with spirituality.

Question: What is love and friendship according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: Love and friendship relate only to people with whom I develop spiritually within my Kabbalistic group. Other than that, there is family and  children, but these are totally different mutual daily relations.

Question: How do you relate to information about chip implants and about 5G?

Answer: All this has nothing to do with spirituality, and therefore, it does not interest me.

Question: Will money disappear in the future? And if, for example, you have two apartments, will you have to give away one of them?

Answer: You owe nothing to anyone. And money will not disappear. It may change its essence; there may not be bills or coins any more but something else. But it will not disappear because it is equivalent to communication.

Question: What role will medicine play in the near future? What values should it develop on?

Answer: Only on the value of preserving and supporting people’s lives so that they can ascend in spirituality.

Question: Are you sure that you answer all the questions you are asked correctly?

Answer: I am sure!

Question: How can I force myself to restrain my emotions when they disobey and spill out of me?

Answer: Let them out, there is nothing wrong in that. Are we not human? After all, it happens to everyone, including me. It is better to let them out.

Question: Which professions are the most altruistic?

Answer: The most altruistic profession is being a teacher of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: How many people who have already corrected their ego can change the world and when will it happen?

Answer: Basically, the world is changing with all of us. Each of us constantly changes the world either by suffering or by good deeds. Don’t worry, think about your correct participation in this process and everything else will work out.

Question: How can one keep his internal religious belief and develop the desire to correct oneself and the whole world?

Answer: What does that have to do with religion? I don’t have such an environment and have nothing to do with religion. Therefore, I cannot advise you on that.

Question: Do our thoughts impact the world?

Answer: They definitely do! Nothing other than our thoughts impacts the world. The world and everything in it is a thought. We exist in a thought and there is nothing other than that around us: no matter, no motion. It is all thoughts.

Question: The more I delve into the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah, the more doubts I have, starting from the question whether what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches is true to the question whether I will be able to reach the end and ascend above the ego. What can you advise people like me?

Answer: Continue to doubt, and do it harder, because this is the only way you will reach the truth.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/17/20

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Family: Combining Of Two Opposites

603Question: The family is a natural system that also exists in the animal world.

Some animals have male and female parts for reproduction in the same body.

But the more developed animals are, the more there is a division of the male and female parts, which are naturally opposite and exist in separate individuals. This is where an interesting principle appears: in order to give birth to a new body, it is necessary to combine two opposites.

What is the purpose of this principle? Today, this issue is particularly relevant because in some countries and societies there are artificial attempts to level these opposites, in particular gender.

Answer: It is impossible. The more developed nature is, the more it includes all sorts of opposites, which drift apart from each other in infinite variations.

We see that primitive organisms exist practically in the same body. There are those who become the female part and there are those who become the male part. Their gender identity changes. They can be completely free to combine, interbreed, and separate by gender with a minimum separation of one individual from another.

Over the course of evolution, individuals became more and more distant from each other on psychological, physiological, and sexual principles. Therefore, they need a very serious combination with each other, and this is not easy.

In animals, this is extremely rare, but in humans, the correct combination of the male and female parts is necessary in order to raise offspring, ensure their normal existence, and guarantee serious development up to 15 to 20 years of life, which is necessary for a person to get on his feet and start providing for oneself, reproduce one’s own offspring, and take care of them.

Nature has created us so that the more developed we are, the greater the separation between us.

Then, when we become social units, there is a huge division between us in the pursuit of science, art, anything. Look at how many specialties there are in the world, how many opportunities each person has to develop. In this, no one is like the other.

It is not just about gender, but the fact that internally we are all very different. Therefore, it is simply impossible to talk about combining all this in one body.

Remark: In principle, the psychological and physiological combination of two opposite objects that makes it possible for a more perfect existence is a principle of nature.

My Comment: Yes. This makes it possible to vary and do anything you want. For example, in our time, there are many new professions that did not exist 100 or 200 years ago.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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Female Commander

566.02Comment: During the pandemic, studies were conducted and found that countries led by women were more successful in fighting the pandemic than those led by men.

My Response: I talk about it all the time. Men are about appearance. And the woman takes full responsibility. Just as a woman rules everything at home, so our whole world is our home. Therefore, there must be a female majordomo.

Comment: Psychologists at Stanford University said that a female politician should belong to the “chameleon” type, skillfully combining male and female political qualities.

My Response: That’s all she has. Look at how a woman commands the house, what order she has at home. Leave your husband alone for a week—and then she’ll be cleaning the apartment for a month. This is clear to everyone.

Question: So it’s not news to you that women are running the country?

Answer: This is a fact for me! This is given to us by nature. The house is named after the woman, not the man. Therefore, we must make women the managers of countries and men the executors of these duties. In short, you need a strong, reliable, good, smart, wise female hand. That’s all. The world doesn’t need anything else. We’ll go fishing and play dominoes. 🙂

Question: Will a woman stop war? Will this stop hatred?

Answer: Sure. And internal wars, both in the state and between states. We are turning over in our time. We are entering a very different era in which a woman can command. And we see the world turning over. It is necessary to give women the opportunity to manage. And this is very good! The less men meddle with their inventions, children’s games, the better.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/11/20

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Nature Is Pregnant With A New Humanity

laitman_289The crisis that the coronavirus has brought us into, in essence, is the birth of a new world. However, all of humanity looks like a girl who unexpectedly became pregnant, completely unwilling, and is now terrified and does not know what to do.

Let’s not see ourselves in this position. We entered, like an embryo, the process of preparing for birth in a new world. Nature is pregnant, the Creator, who must give birth to us. And He will do it!

But we must help Him; we must agree with this process, unite more and more, and prepare for our birth. Thus, we can accelerate our development, because this pregnancy is not limited to a certain term, but depends on how we manage to unite in order to be ready to be born.

The only thing that is required of us is connection. We have to always think about how to connect more and more, and then we will understand how to behave during the delivery. There is still a long way to delivery. After all, if we are born before we are all connected together, then the baby will be born deformed, some organs will be missing in its body since we are not fully connected.

Through our connection, we are forming the body of the newborn humanity, and therefore, we are obliged to unite in such a way that this baby is born healthy, with all the necessary organs. An unsuccessful delivery should be out of the question.

If our union is not correct, then nature, the Creator, will bring such troubles, will put such pressure on us that we will have to unite. The birth canal is very narrow, and we will have to rally very strongly to get out.

If we connect, we can easily get out. And besides, we need to change our values ​​so that previously important things become unimportant, and vice versa, what previously was unimportant becomes important. This will mean that we are turning our heads upside down and we all share the same opinion.

And then labor pains come, which are well known to women. But now we all will have to go through them in a spiritual form so they prepare us for the birth in a new world. All this is ahead of us because we have not even collected ourselves in the form of an embryo so far.

The coronavirus is helping us tremendously to advance toward this birth, leaving us only the bare essentials and putting everything else aside. Therefore, it can be considered a medicine and not a blow. The opposite is true: with what the Creator beats us, He heals us.

A drop of semen has begun to develop, a spiritual gene (Reshimo) from the new world, which has awakened in us based on the fact that we have already completely exhausted our previous state. It is developing in each of us and in all of us together, and it contains information about the new state of humanity, just like the cell from which the embryo begins, a drop of semen.

The spiritual embryo floats in the light of Hassadim, in mother’s waters, with which it then exits during the correct birth. If we behave correctly and unite into a healthy embryo, we will feel that we are in the light of Hassadim, in the ocean of mercy, in the mother’s womb. Our embryo will grow and develop month after month and learn to see the new world in which it is supposed to be born.

If we do not unite, then our state will grow worse and worse, and we can reach real hunger. Nature will persuade us to change our values and understand that there is nothing but uniting: a group or death.

After all, we have not even attached to the wall of the womb yet. This requires connection above everything. We must become an embryo within the upper mother, all of nature, the Creator, and begin to develop in Him in order to be rewarded with birth.

It is easier for women to understand this process because they have gone through it and have felt it inside themselves. And now both men and women must go through this process and feel themselves in the womb and develop there. Despite the fact that this is a dark place regarding our egoism, regarding the desire for bestowal and unity, this is a world full of light, which gives us new development and new life.
From KabTV’s “Women in the New World” 7/9/20

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