How To Fashion Love Out Of Egoism?

260.01Question: Irina writes: “Only now do I understand that the whole history of mankind is going from war to war. Why? Battles for borders, the glorification of war, all progress works for war. Why?”

Answer: Because it is human nature to suppress and feel superior to the other. Without it, life, existence, it has no meaning.

This is the nature of our egoism; the Creator created it this way. From a higher level He created us so that by overcoming egoism we would become similar to that upper degree He wants us to ascend to.

It is by constantly suppressing our own egoism, that we must rise above it, and thus, from what is happening in us throughout the whole transformation of our egoism that we overcome, we will create a spiritual degree in us. Gradually, we will build it and mold it from the negation of egoism and the way we want to turn it over in a different way, to mold it in a different way.

Question: And what can be fashioned from our egoism?

Answer: Love, love, bestowal, self-sacrifice, everything!

Question: Out of this desire for war?

Answer: Precisely from it. We do not have any other material.

Question: Can I fashion the desire to be happy?

Answer: Yes. It is from the most disgusting feces, which is worse than anything, that it must be fashioned, precisely from this. You treat it differently, start presenting it in a different way, and then you will see that it is a noble material.

Question: My egoism?

Answer: But this will no longer be egoism. You will turn it inside out. It will be something sparkling. This will be the garment of the Creator. Can you imagine what opposite understandings, elements of nature we have to deal with here!

Question: So I live with this spark of love, the Creator in me, but I only have war in me now? And if it is turned over, there will already be love?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What kind of work should I do so that I understand and start toward it, toward love?

Answer: Love! Only to develop love in you. Love your neighbor is the main law of nature.

Question: Do we have to go through these sufferings, these horrors, these dead ends?

Answer: Absolutely! We not only have to go through them. We must master them, apply them to ourselves, try them on ourselves, see where it does not suit us and where it suits us, and change ourselves. Sometimes it is to lose weight, sometimes to get fat, sometimes to change ourselves so that these clothes are suitable for us.

Question: And this clothing will be what?

Answer: This is called reflecting light: intention for the sake of others.

Question: So the intention for the sake of others is my clothes? Am I living for others?

Answer: Yes. Egoism remains but in such a way that I want to use it completely for the sake of everyone.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/28/22

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