Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 3/1/22

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do you think that humanity is tired of wars?

Answer: On the one hand, yes, but on the other hand, it cannot resist them.

Question: In the future, will we have ideological wars because modern conflicts are mainly economic in nature?

Answer: Yes, in the future, people will not fight with firearms, but with a special type of weapon, such as economic and computer ones, and so on.

Question: Is the war in material form a chance for correction or a forced correction on the part of nature?

Answer: War in the material form is necessary because, in principle, everything starts with matter.

Question: Do you think that a Third World War is already happening?

Answer: It is already starting.

Question: What is victory in the war for you?

Answer: Victory in a war is a state when people who incite wars begin to realize their meaninglessness.

Question: How can we prevent wars?

Answer: Show people that nature has a completely different goal, which they will never reach through war.

Question: Can we consider the coronavirus epidemic a biological war against egoism?

Answer: No, I do not think that egoism has suffered some kind of major defeat from this. Yet, such natural events as pandemics do help to restrain egoism a little.

Question: Is war a punishment from the upper force, from nature, for some actions or lack of actions of a person?

Answer: War is the path of a person’s movement toward the fully corrected state. It only depends at what level he does it.

Question: Does a person need to get used to the internal war?

Answer: The most internal war (the most real and beneficial) is when a person is at war with himself.

Question: Can a person get used to an external war?

Answer: There are people who literally have been at war with each other all their lives, for decades. For example, there are tribes in the Amazon that are constantly at war. In general, a state of war is a permanent state in all of humanity, in the entire world.

Question: What are your wishes to people?

Answer: To be engaged in the war between our egoism and the Creator in the right way and to see the achievement of our victory over egoism.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/1/22

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