Rejecting Basic Instinct

627.2Question: A new sexual minority, called asexuals, is actively growing in the world. These people voluntarily reject intimate relationships, arguing that they bring a lot of suffering, and in general it is better without them. How can it be that this basic instinct is rejected by us today?

Answer: I have not researched these issues. They are least interesting to me.

However, we must take into account that there are two aspects here. There is a physiological aspect, when the sexual instinct, being a physical instinct, is necessary for a person.

And there is a moral aspect, which is the feeling of closeness. Moreover, a woman feels it more than a man. For her, sex is an expression of connection with a man. For a man, this is more of a physiological need.

We need to separate these things. For a man it is more physiology, less connection. For a woman it is more connection, less physiology.

When this connection causes great suffering, meaning that we are in such a state that our egoism does not tolerate someone else, we push away and reject him or her, we do not want to have a family, and then these physiological functions can be a burden to a person because they impose some obligations on him.

So, we either agree to short meetings to couple and scatter away. Or we cancel sex altogether because it becomes simply unbearable to be indebted to another, to be connected with him. This is our egoism.

Therefore, if we do not correct the ego, then even at the physiological, meaning at the most animalistic level, we also will not be able to experience normal fulfillment and enjoyment.

Question: Why is it that after the hype around some phenomenon, some desire, there always comes a decline?

Answer: In all our desires, after fulfilling them, there immediately is a decline in order for us to prepare ourselves for a new fulfillment. Therefore, Kabbalah is called the science of reception, fulfillment. It teaches how to move toward more and more incessant fulfillments.

They are billions of times stronger than any sexual pleasure, which is the greatest of all human pleasures in our world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Pole Inversion” 5/15/11

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