Where Is Happiness?

572.02Question: Lyudmila asks: “Is happiness in us or outside of us? How can I explain to myself and other people what happiness is?”

Answer: First, everything that is felt is in us. We feel, I feel, and no one else. If someone feels something and tells me, but I cannot adequately, at least in some way, feel it, then I do not understand what he is talking about.

Question: If it is not in me, then is there such a thing at all?

Answer: Then there is no such thing.

Question: So, your answer is that happiness is in us, right?

Answer: Of course, in us.

Happiness is when something that you really, really wanted, suffered for, strived for, created huge aspirations in yourself for, and then suddenly it starts to be filled, and you move away, as if, from pain. This feeling can be called happiness.

But there are levels and gradations of what a person suffers from and accordingly what can make him happy. It turns out that one’s greatest happiness is when he feels himself approaching the Creator and adhering to the Creator like a child to its mother. Then he feels happiness. Moreover, this is a very strong desire that constantly gnawed at him.

The person wanted it to happen so much and he was already desperate. Suddenly the Creator appears and says, “Where are you? I am looking for you!” The person wants to say: “It is I who is looking for You! Where have You been? Not me?!” Just like that, they rush to each other, without words and without holding back. This is happiness.

Moreover, this is not a merger, as in our world, when bodies adjoin, but each body remains with its own form and sensation.

But here it is like sensations that mutually penetrate each other, but there are no bodies. There is such a state. I do not know how to say it…

Question: Does my “I” disappear? After all, I wanted this.

Answer: I want it to disappear! I do not need it at all! But if my I disappears, then the sensation of the  other will also disappear. Therefore, it is arranged so that the I does not disappear.

Kabbalah explains that the Aviut (the thickness of egoism) does not disappear. Due to the fact that the Aviut becomes greater and greater, we have the opportunity to align it with the quality of bestowal. It turns out that when egoism and hatred are greater, then love is greater, the greater the hatred, the greater the love.

We do not understand how this can be. In our flat world, it is either this or that. But in spirituality, it’s this way.

Question: To what extent will all this grow: hatred and love over it, more hatred and love over it?

Answer: To the state of infinity. To the feeling that there is no limit to this.

Question: Can this be called infinite happiness?

Answer: Yes, but you need to feel it. It is a very long road to achieve this this feeling.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/28/22

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