Looking For Happiness Or Simply Living?

760.2In the News (“Why Our Pursuit of Happiness May Be Flawed”): “It is an emotion linked to improved health and well-being, but is our obsession with being happy a recipe for disappointment, asks Nat Rutherford. …

“Yet more and more aspects of life are judged in terms of their contribution to the phantom of happiness. Does your relationship, your job, your home, your body, your diet make you happy? If not, aren’t you doing something wrong? In our modern world, happiness is the closest thing we have to a summum bonum, the highest good from which all other goods flow. In this logic unhappiness becomes the summum malum, the greatest evil to be avoided. There is some evidence that the obsessive pursuit of happiness is associated with a greater risk of depression. …

“By misunderstanding happiness, the modern conception increases the likelihood of disappointment. … Instead, aim with Aristotle to embrace those blemishes and to flourish in spite of them.”

My Response: I agree absolutely and clearly! For an ordinary person it is so. And if he really wants to find happiness, then he must first understand what it is, proceed from there, and achieve it.

Question: Happiness comes all the time, then it slips away, it comes and slips away again. How can you define what happiness is and near it so that it is not illusory and so that we really achieve happiness?

Answer: It must be real and not that everyone will have their own happiness and constantly change.

Question: Is it necessary to look for happiness all the time or not—real happiness?

Answer: You do not need to look for it. You need to define it. It exists and it exists in only one form—in understanding the meaning of life. Only what exists in the present and not what you invent for yourself over and over based on your condition.

So if you know exactly how to reveal this meaning, it will lead you forward, it will reveal the meaning of life more and more, and in finding the meaning of life, even if you are unhappy and dissatisfied with it, you will still be happy because you understand the meaning of life.

Question: What is the meaning of life when I can feel unhappy on the path?

Answer: It means that you are not yet able to develop yourself to such an extent that you can understand the meaning of life.

Question: And understanding it will make me happy?

Answer: Yes. The fact that you aspire to it. That the meaning does exist outside of you! Even this already creates a feeling of happiness in you.

That there is life and there is happiness in it, and happiness is in understanding the meaning of this life. Even if I still do not understand it but I am moving toward it, I am already happy. I am already absorbing it, looking forward to a future meeting with it.

Question: It is amazing when I am happy on the way! What kind of happiness is this, please tell me?

Answer: It is being happy to feel the harmony of the universe.

Question: I enter this harmony and also become harmonious?

Answer: Yes. Like entering a black hole and I reveal absolutely everything there!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/10/21

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