What Is Happiness For A Kabbalist?

572.02Question: What is happiness for you?

Answer: Happiness is the continuous attainment of the reality revealing before you. Just as if you are driving along the road and more and more new views are revealed to you, so is the continuous revelation of reality, of a new reality, in new amplitudes—this is happiness.

Moreover, this happiness is not subjective; it has to be objective. It should be such that you feel it not within yourself, but in the property of bestowal, of love, in properties that go beyond you. That is, first, a person must acquire such properties that do not limit him in anything. Then you can talk about happiness.

Question: But it turns out that you are as if driving on the road without a map, right? Is all of this suddenly revealed to you, without any itinerary?

Answer: Everything is revealed to you suddenly. It is because you become unlimited, your consciousness and everything else expands.

But it is still limited at every moment of time because you are driving, you are moving forward all the time. Therefore, “Kabbalah” (“reception” in Hebrew) is called this way, that is, this wisdom is about attainment, about reception, about achievement. It is said that at the end of this path we come to the attainment of the absolute. And there are probably no changes there.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/5/21

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