Quantum Physics And Mind Power

024Question: Does Quantum Physics explain the power of our thoughts?

Answer: I cannot vouch for Quantum Physics since there are additional aspects that are published every day with regard to it in the form of different theories and methods. In the past, I used to keep up with the new publications all the time, but now for a long time, I have not engaged in it.

The fact that we can manage different actions through our thoughts is true. After all, thought is the highest power. Above it, is only desire. So, if the desires and thoughts of a person are correctly directed, then the power of the Creator is put on in them, and the person creates.

In principle, we do everything that we need to do to correct the creation by our thoughts and our desires, in which the thoughts and desires of the Creator are clothed.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/3/19

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