Where Will The Coronavirus Generation Take Us

962.4Comment: Now a generation is coming into the world called the coronavirus generation. Analysts believe that this generation will be familiar with free money from the state and have the desire to receive an unconditional basic income. They say there will be a lot of emptiness, drug use, and longing in this generation. We are bringing into the world a generation about which we speak in advance as “lost.”

My Response: It is not our fault. It is nobody’s fault. This is the order of development, this is the evolution of our desires.

To begin with, this generation does not have such desires as we had: to achieve something, to be someone, and so on. This athlete, that writer, this rich man—there is no such thing anymore! There are no desires whatsoever for anything. There is no special ambition.

But I hope that at the same time with the feeling of emptiness, they will begin to feel a radically new filling of giving, a loving attitude toward others.

I cannot fulfill myself, and I do not want to. I am already detached, I no longer have any of that in me. I am too lazy, I do not want to get up or do anything, I do not have anything for myself. But toward others, I can develop such qualities in myself that when I fulfill the other, I begin to feel that it makes sense. There is a desire in it, there is a fulfillment in it.

Question: So, now I am blocked from anything that concerns fulfilling myself directly? Life for myself is blocked for me from all sides.

Answer: Yes. Man has simply spent himself. And here he begins to understand that by fulfilling others, he can fulfill himself. This is a kind of self-filling, but of a different type.

Question: That is, by loving someone else, giving to someone else, I fulfill myself?

Answer: Yes, I fulfill myself. But the point here is that you have to come to a state where you fulfill the other not in order to be fulfilled yourself, but because you want to be in the other and feel and enjoy his fulfillment, and not to think of yourself, absolutely not! Otherwise, you will be back to where you started from, just like in a circle.

I think people will be able to realize this quickly. That same egoism will lead us to this, which is interesting. It buries itself and brings out another type instead.

The masses will come to this from the inevitability, from suffering, from the feeling of insignificance, worthlessness, emptiness. Like how we came to Kabbalah. Only with them it will be more prominent. Because it will be a massive sense of the end. And through this end, through this void, they will see the light. Through the thorns to the stars, from the darkness to the light.

Question: That is, it is necessary to completely destroy everything, practically lay a man down, and then he will see a way out of this state?

Answer: And at the very last stage, when you are completely done, “that’s it, the end!”—that’s where you start to see: no, this is not the end, this is just the beginning! It will be so.

Question: But this is inhumane. And what does the word “humane” mean to you?

Answer: I think that the demolition of both the past regime and the method of filling up the ego is the greatest humanity that the Creator could do, when He exalted man with all his egoistic impulses, goals, and conceit, and then gradually, time after time, century after century, destroys, again and again, all this in man, showing him how unreal it all is.

But we will be able to realize this only at the very last stage.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/7/20

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