Between The World And The Creator

254.01Question: Some time ago, you said that we have finally come into resonance with the world and now are mutually influencing each other. We learn that egoism is constantly growing in the world. In this resonance, should we somehow overtake and take control of this general egoism?

Answer: It is enough for us to properly adjust ourselves all the time to the world and to the Creator. We do not need to rule over the world because the fact that we will correctly resonate between the world and the Creator will lead everything to a state of correction.

It all manifests itself in intentions. Only work with intentions!

Question: Does this mean that our group determines the rhythm? Or does the world determine our capabilities?

Answer: Mutually. If we move forward, then we define. If we fall behind, the world determines. This is felt by the good or evil attitude of the world toward us. The world’s reaction to us clearly determines whether we are improving or not.

Question: What is happening to the world now is spinning more and more steeply. Should our connection with the world, our sensations, go into something qualitative? What else can we invest to make us feel like we are the link? Does it depend not only on us but also on the world?

Answer: It depends on us and we will try to push the world forward.
From KabTV’s “Teacher—Student” 2/7/19

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