The Condition For Receiving The Torah

931.01Question: There is a condition for receiving the Torah. If you do not unite, meaning, if you do not become responsible for one another, then here will be the place of your burial. What is this law?

Answer: Either you receive this knowledge, implement it, cross the barrier between our world and the spiritual world and enter into the perception of the upper world, reach the state of adhesion with the Creator, or you remain here in this world like an animal, practically on an inanimate degree.

Question: Why is it all so rigid?

Answer: Because this is the condition to exist in the upper world where you are above your egoism.

Question: Does it mean that there was a historical fact when a large number of people were able to comply with this rule?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Were there any other such facts in history?

Answer: No. The Torah was only given once.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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