From Exiting Egypt To Receiving The Torah

749.01Question: The Torah tells us that seven weeks (49 days) after leaving Egypt, the people of Israel, several millions, came to Mount Sinai and received the Torah. There is even an expression in Hebrew: Ma’amad Har Sinai—standing at Mount Sinai.

Why did this happen exactly seven weeks later?

Answer: The fact is that the complete exit from Egypt should take exactly so much time, that is, a person should go through so many states.

The number seven represents the degree or the most important part of any degree. After all, there are ten degrees in total, seven main and three additional ones.

In other words, in seven so-called weeks, we have to do a certain work to exit Egypt. Otherwise, what does “exit” mean? Just walk away?

This is inner spiritual work when a person must realize how he was exiled from the Creator’s quality and how he must now come closer to it. So this is a very serious realization.

Question: What is a “degree” in our spiritual development?

Answer: It is the degree of attainment of the upper world: the next revelation of one’s egoism, ascending above it, and attaining the Creator.
From KbTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/9/21

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