When Will The End Of Our Civilization Come?

272Question: German scientists are wondering when the end of civilization will begin? Why did such civilizations as the Chinese Empire and the Roman Empire collapse? They also ask: “Why do we think that our civilization can avoid such a fate?” Why?

Answer: They have not collapsed; they have simply transformed into other ones.

Comment: German scientists have come to the following conclusions: The weak point of modern societies is that their systems are closely intertwined with each other and problems in one place cause an immediate response in another place. Disaster researchers have long advocated for vital goods, such as food, to be produced locally. They are saying: “The whole problem is that we are connected!”

My Response: I do not really want to deal with German scientists and their dialectics. I will just say one thing: we need to understand where we are and by what laws of nature we must act. Nothing will help us, even if we try to somehow accept the laws of nature or maneuver inside them to avoid blows.

We must understand what our fate depends on. Our fate ultimately depends only on ourselves. It depends only on the way we will become similar to the general law of nature, the law of the absolute connection of all parts of creation with each other. But instead, this absolute connection passes through people, and in people it gets cut off.

There is inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, and all of it is also connected with human nature, which is the fourth degree. This degree does not provide the connection, it acts only for its own sake and not as a complement to the others. No part of nature does anything that kills the rest of the parts.

Inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature use each other. They eat and use each other in order to exist and in turn feed others. That is how it is done. However, we violate this law of the universal cycle. It turns out that humans are the main pests of nature.

How can we nevertheless turn ourselves into an integral, good, and normal part of nature? Only if we study this nature, understand its laws, and follow them. This means consuming exactly as much as we need at the animalistic level, only to sustain life and no more!

Because on our level, on the level of our body, we are animals. If we are animals, then we should behave like them, that is, consume no more than our animalistic body requires. No more and no less, just enough. This is the first condition.

The second condition is that we must do no harm to any of the surrounding nature in any way. This means to any of its degrees—inanimate, vegetative, animate, not to mention human. Not to harm any part of nature!

We should only consume what we need, like any nature. No more than that. If we consume more, it will be to our detriment. Plant a tree without water, what will happen to it? Plant it so that it is drowned in the water, what will happen to it? It needs as much as it needs. So do we.

Therefore, knowing and maintaining this inner balance between us and the surrounding nature is a necessity without which we will not survive. It does not matter to us what the scientists say and what they prescribe to us.

Comment: But they reason with human logic. If we are interconnected and the virus originated somewhere, then it immediately spreads around the world.

My Response: What can you do? You cannot go against the dialectic, against the fact that the connection between us is constantly developing. You cannot go against that. You just need to know how you can make this connection beneficial to humanity. That is all.

Comment: This thought has lived in people for centuries. That is probably why religions appeared that banned excessive consumption. This is why dictatorships appeared that wanted to equalize humanity. Nothing came of it. Nothing!

MyResponse: I am not proposing to suppress a person. I am proposing to teach people the integral law of nature. Then a person will behave correctly because one will see how much he affects nature for good or bad. This, however, depends on people’s awareness of the environment in which we live on this small planet.

Question: So, will we be brought to this, one way or another? We have already come close, and we will be brought to this, right?

Answer: Of course.

Question: What should be the correct education if we want to move forward peacefully, not by pressure? How to make a person use only what he needs?

Answer: Only through integral development of all people in full, correct, and good connection with each other. Without the use of any violence!

If we do not come to this, then nature will teach us in a different way.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/14/21

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