Where Should A Person Go?

 202Comment: 2020 stopped production, which resulted in a depression, led to poverty, destroyed entire industries, broke families, and ruined governments. “We have all failed,” says the UN.

On the other hand, forecasts for 2021 say it will be much worse. The virus will be scarier. We will be vaccinated every year or every six months, and so on. There are many dire predictions. And here a man stands between these problems and does not know what to do. He’s like a paralyzed person.

And they also say: “You look at 2020, and it will seem like a fairy tale to you.”
How should an ordinary person behave between these fires?

My Response: A person should still ask himself: “Why is this happening in the world? Can I do something about it?”

Now we can somehow answer this. We still need to correlate our life with what is happening,  why have such viruses suddenly crept out. If we were killed by a nuclear war, that would be another matter, everyone would understand. And why did some strange virus suddenly appear? Tomorrow may bring another one, then a third, and so on. Where can we go from there?

Comment: A nuclear war is understandable: Here is the enemy and he is dropping a bomb on you, or you are dropping it. And then someone invisible…

My Response: Nature.

Question: And how can we talk to nature? How does one enter into a dialogue with it, say: “Don’t touch me.” Or: “Why are you touching me?”

Answer: We do not approach nature, we do not approach it. We are constantly in opposition to nature. All nature is integral, global, everything is interconnected in it, and humanity, on the contrary, builds a system that is opposite to nature in everything!

Nature is a living organism in which we also exist as a living organism. And these two living organisms begin to oppose each other because we do not want to recognize ourselves as a part of nature.

We are doing a huge amount of anti-natural actions. We hate others, we dig in the ground and destroy the air, trees, whatever. See what happens every day! We are even told about it, but we cannot contain ourselves.

We subjugate nature in everything and everyone. We are in every way opposed to the integrality of nature and we constantly violate this integrality at all levels and in all possible forms. And that is why nature reacts in this way! This is not some kind of malicious intent in nature.

Comment: But it is attacking us now.

My Response: It is not attacking, but it is protecting itself from its main pest—man.

There is no question of any retribution here. Only a normal reaction of nature. Not some evil intentions. There is no such thing in nature. And there is just a clear reaction. We have reached the point where nature will have to destroy us. We are the only and greatest evil in nature.

Question: So what’s next? What actions should an ordinary person take?

Answer: Stop being opposite to nature. Make it so that you understand what it means to correspond to it, moreover, at the levels of physical, genetic, biological, vegetative, animate, whatever. And most importantly, as a person. With our thoughts, we are directing huge damage to nature. We do not want to be the integral core of all nature. Although we, in general, are the top of it by design.

Question: I am an ordinary person who lived my normal life. Is it enough for me to begin to understand that the world is interconnected?

Answer: I must understand! Otherwise, these pandemics will not end. What does nature teach you? That you are in a huge closed system. In this system, you excite all kinds of negative forces, properties, reactions.

Question: So you won’t get tired of repeating, repeating, and repeating it?

Answer: I have nothing more to say. I speak from a different point of view. What else can I say to humanity? After all, there is no other reason for our constant deterioration of our condition, degradation at all levels. There is no other reason.

We have created a system of our interconnection, the so-called society, which eats itself up.

Question: What decision should an ordinary person make, not the government of the world, not the UN? What do you call him to?

Answer: I think that nothing depends on government here. It depends on the attitude of a person to the world around him—to inanimate, vegetative, animate and human levels of nature. All levels.

We must protect this world. We must, as the most terrible, threatening part of it, bring this world to equilibrium precisely with our correct attitude. Except for us, all of nature, the entire universe is in equilibrium. And we are breaking this balance with our thoughts and actions.

Question: So it is enough for me to at least direct my thought to this?

Answer: And everything else depends on thought. A person does not do anything completely thoughtlessly. If we stop thinking about harming each other, then the world will immediately begin to calm down from this thought.

Most importantly, let’s calm down with our thoughts.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/8/21

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