21st Century: Looking At The Root Of The Problem

115.06Question: Yuval Noah Harari’s book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century talks about the challenges that humanity will face in the coming years.

Which he describes as mass unemployment, technological, political, and environmental challenges, nuclear weapons, a change of values, an era of disbelief or an epoch of post-truth, mass wars, a change in education, and constant disorientation in the future.

The author believes that former beliefs, on which the world was held until recently, have already collapsed, but nothing has yet come to replace them. We do not understand where to move, what to do, what skills to acquire. Where can this lead?

Answer: I do not consider these challenges a direct threat to humanity since it faces a more serious common goal: to rise above our nature that is constantly destroying us.

In the 20th century, we went through all sorts of technical and technological revolutions and two world wars, but this does not save us. We have reached computerization and technological breakthroughs, but even this is harmful to us. We see that our egoism is simply killing humanity, raising new elites, and they, like a hydra, devour everything around.

Therefore, we must look at the root of the problem. We can change social, political, no matter what, technologies a thousand times, but after a certain hope for some kind of “panacea,” we again find ourselves as losers because our egoism, like a “snake,” conquers everything and leaves us with nothing…

Therefore, all technologies and advances in any area will still lead us to disappointment in our development. It seemed that we could make humanity happy, worthy of the fruits of our development, but we see that, on the contrary, it feels itself falling ever deeper, hungry, unjustly dismantled into countries, nations, and classes. As a result, we again find ourselves in front of a large disillusion.

Therefore, we need to take our main goal, the egoistic nature of man, and see how we can correct it. Without this, all the principles or causes of our misfortunes will lead to nothing. We need to look exactly at the root.
From the conversation on the topic “Challenges of the XXI century. Introduction” 4/24/19

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