What Awaits Us In 2021?

294.2Question: The year 2021 is inevitably approaching. It has been called a year of extraordinary uncertainty.

There are a lot of assumptions about what it will be like. What will happen regarding the battle for vaccines, how many people will agree to take them? The gap is widening between the rich and the poor, which will establish of a new world order.

Tensions between the United States and China will rise, companies will be drawn into trade wars, the digital revolution will accelerate, and the world will become less easy to raise. Tourism and flights will not exist or will decrease.

Then, there is Bill Gates’ prediction that it will be better; we will be better prepared for a pandemic, the world will become better, and we will treat diseases, diabetes, and so on. “I am optimistic,” says Bill Gates.

What is your prognosis for 2021?

Answer: If humanity turns out the way Bill Gates wants, I do not see this as especially good. This has been said by a techie who does not understand the direction in which humanity is developing at all. So what, if we get some more technical stuff?

Question: How do you see the 21st century? What do you think it will look like?

Answer: I think this will be the first year of the fading out of all kinds of fogs we have wrapped ourselves up in, and we will finally begin to understand that neither the vaccine will help us, nor other tricks like lockdowns or something else that will probably only help us rebuild ourselves; in fact, this virus is smarter than we are.

It is meant to raise us up to the next level of relationship with nature so that we will begin to think about how we can really attain the correct vaccination, that is, how can we reach a state in which we have nothing to fear and nowhere to run. We just have to exist correctly. This only depends on our relationships with each other.

If we reach a state in which people treat each other with good feelings and find out where we get them from as well as how to use them correctly, this will be our greatest victory over the evil nature of egoism that sits within us. Then we will get the correct vaccination.

Question: So you think this step will be taken in 2021?

Answer: I think it will begin to manifest itself gradually.

Question: Do you think there is actually only one way out?

Answer: The only way out is in the correct rapprochement to each other so that we will find out that we can reduce the distance between us, free ourselves from the egoistic virus that is separating us and pushing us away from each other, and begin to create positive feelings on top of this virus. Only in this case. If this begins to be felt in humanity, then, of course, this will be the shortest path to the correct vaccination of the earth’s population.

Question: Will we take this step, at least a little bit, in 2021?

Answer: I hope that there will be some kind of a turn. I see it.

Comment: And if not, then all these horror scenarios about which it is written here will take place: wars, tension between the United States and China, etc.

My Response: In fact, what has happened in the world is very interesting. The media have pushed themselves into a corner. People have stopped believing them. They are no longer the mass media.

Nobody trusts them and nobody looks at them at all. What is written here is fake news and what it is written there is also fake and so on. That is, no one looks at anything at all. If they do confuse the population, then this confusion will not be to their advantage.

Question: Will it turn out badly for them?

Answer: In the end, yes.

Question: Does it look like it is already happening?

Answer: Yes. These threats regarding America and China are of no interest to billions of people. As a result of this divine pandemic, this divine virus, billions still want to find some peace of mind.

And it will appear in the new future. That is why politicians and all these international organizations end up with petty egoism; everyone already understands to what extent all this is saturated with it.

Question: That is, the search for this peace of mind in billions of people will continue to increase?

Answer: The search for reassurance will take place not through politics, nor through banks, nor through any enterprises, nor through governments; this will not be the case. All of these egoistic systems are practically finished up.

Question: So what will happen?

Answer: There will be awareness of the absence of any system of correct government. On the other hand, no one will give mismanagement a chance. This is the kind of vacuum that the world will live in.

Question: And where will we end up?

Answer: With the fact that no one will be able to rule.

Question: So What will a person be ruled by? He used to be ruled by the government and the mass media.

Answer: I think that society will be drawn toward some kind of a small feudal system in which everyone will look for some kind of work from day to day that provides him with the opportunity to exist and get what he needs. In the end, this will lead us to build new connections.

Then a need for a kind connection between people will arise. I think it will start from the bottom precisely because a very interesting nihilism is emerging all over the world now. It is an interesting time.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/14/20

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