The Lessons Of 2020

963.1The coronavirus epidemic has made such an explosion around the world, as if a world war broke out, and has led to an economic crisis and sense of despair and fear. Why have people still not realized the need to rebuild the world by making significant changes in society?

The fact is that everyone is acting out of their own personal, individual egoism. Therefore, no one cared about what was happening in the world and with other people, what was important was only what concerned him personally. We were watching how others were suffering, and were not very impressed. The main thing is that we feel good and we can confidently exist and succeed.

But here we suddenly find ourselves in a different world and feel that society, the environment, the country, the people, and the world, everything has become interconnected and dependent on each other. We pass on a deadly virus to each other, we cannot travel freely and are forced to obey lockdown orders.

On the one hand, we had to break the useful ties that existed before and allowed us to fly around the world, travel, and get to know each other. In addition, we were forced to isolate ourselves even more, put on masks and gloves, and keep the distance of two meters between each other.

Some new mandatory rules that we do not like very much were put in action. It is as if nature is telling us: “You cannot behave as before, you must distance yourself from each other. You cannot go where you want and travel around the world, you cannot send your children to school and kindergarten.”

We feel that nature is placing a wedge between us and teaching us what the connection between us should be. In order for the connection to be new, good, and correct, it must comply with the new laws that the coronavirus is teaching us. If we abide by these laws, then we can communicate with each other; and if we do not comply, then we must not approach each other.

Nature is beginning to teach us new forms of communication between people, and soon we will realize that this is for our benefit. I can only connect with people if I act for their benefit and not for my own benefit. This is the lesson nature teaches us. Through the quarantine, through the inability to communicate, fly, and travel, it shows us that we can be in touch only on the condition that we care about each other and think about the good of others.

You are welcome to go out for a walk, to visit others, to communicate, only if you think kindly about each other and take care not of yourself, but others. This is how nature will gradually teach us good relationships.

This will happen quickly and painlessly if the media cooperate with Kabbalists who understand how to behave in order to help nature change human society, to move it to the next stage, and to convey to all people what form of relations we should come to.

“Each man will help his neighbor” to establish a connection between us above hatred so that we understand that the future is impossible without good relations. It depends on us whether we get to them in a short and easy way or in a long way of suffering, including world war.

It depends on Kabbalists and the media how quickly humanity will go through the transition period and establish new connections between people so that nature will cease to put pressure on us and limit us. We will not need any external pressure because we ourselves will understand what is good for us.
From KabTV’s “The World” 12/27/2020

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