The Ten Is The New Me

934Annulment and subjugation are so important in spiritual work because they symbolize the transition from the authority of egoism to the authority of the force of bestowal, love, and unity with the Creator.

There are two authorities: the good inclination and the evil inclination; each time we shift from one to the other, fall and rise, so that in our connection, in their comparison, in evaluating the one relative to the other, we find ourselves.

Our place is not inside the evil inclination, but also not inside the good inclination because we would disappear in it. Therefore, we need to stand in the middle in order to be an independent individual. This is possible only by being integrated in the ten. In the ten, we have the opportunity to assert our status, become human beings, and acquire independence and the image of Adam.

Through the mutual guarantee between us, we become similar to the Creator, the state in which we have the right to be called human beings.

Therefore, as one advances in spirituality, one feels less and less confident, more and more doubtful of one’s understanding and feelings. In contrast to this world where everyone stands firmly on their own opinion, a person who yearns for spirituality feels confused, helpless, like a lost child. It seems to him that he is lost in the big world and has cut his connection with reality.

In fact, these are happy moments on the spiritual path because we gradually begin to see that we exist in the group, in the ten. It seems to me that the savior has come and He pulls me out of helplessness and despair, from the emptiness in my mind and heart.

In this desperate state, we suddenly recall that we have a group. This is how the Creator is giving us the right direction, as if saying “Do you want to be a man, do you want to grow? Please, here is your next image, your next form.” You feel lost right now, and it is good. The new you is the ten. Get integrated in it, dissolve in it, and there you will find yourself, feel the world.

There is nothing outside of the ten. To the extent that you feel your friends and enter the correct state, you will enter a new world, a spiritual dimension. In our time, we are going through this junction between worlds, the boundary between the previous, old, individualistic world, and the integral, perfect world.

In the previous world, a single Kabbalist could reveal the upper force, but now we have to connect into tens. Otherwise, we have no chance to reveal spirituality. Only by connecting with the friends do we find a shield, a steering wheel, and correct means for advancing toward the goal that appears at the end of a smooth path. The whole path is through greater and greater connection in the ten. Thus, I come out of a hopeless, lost state.

When I realize that my whole progress is done only through the connection in the group, everything becomes clear to me, and a straight path opens up. Nothing else is required but to connect with the friends in order to feel the confidence within our connection that comes from the Creator who is concealed there. The Creator gradually comes closer and reveals Himself because I aim for connection.

That is why I am so happy about my dependence on the ten, on this small circle. The entire path becomes very simple: I just need to annul myself before the ten and to that extent I will advance toward the goal. The implementation is clear and it is in my hands.

I was feeling desperate, like a lost child, a complete zero, and suddenly I find that I have everything, everything is in front of me. There is nothing beside the friends, and I will find everything in them.

If I am outside of the group, I feel completely helpless, drowning in egoism and questions that have no answers. All the confidence and joy, happiness and fulfillment is in my connection with the ten. Only there, in the direction inside of it, I find my good future.

I need the group because that is where my soul is. All negative states arise only from disconnecting from the ten, and all positive states can only be in the connection with it so that I would not imagine myself without the ten, as it is written: “for I am lovesick.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/1/21, “Annulment and Submission”

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