No Longer Satisfied

115.05The work of Amalek, of the Klipa, is to lower the greatness of the Creator, the greatness of the goal, of spirituality, as if there are more important values in our world.

The Klipa works against sanctity not in order to obscure it but only to create some disturbances on the way to it so that we notice where we are and what we should associate ourselves with: egoism or bestowal.

We are not aware of how much the evil forces help us in our lives to position ourselves correctly in this world. If we did not feel the pain, we would stick our hand into fire without noticing that it was burning. This is how adults raise a child, constantly cautioning him about dangerous actions. When the child grows up, he will understand what to watch out for and will act correctly.

This is what the evil inclination, egoism, does. We discover our egoistic intentions in every state, they are of different strength and different character, and we can work against them and turn them in order to bestow. After a few such actions, we begin to discover the Creator.

Amalek stands between us and the Creator and hides the Creator from us, seemingly preventing us from coming closer to the Creator. However, through this, he actually focuses us on the Creator but in the opposite form. It is in this opposite form that we can understand this clue, feel and depict the Creator through it. Otherwise, we simply cannot.

This is how our entire advancement happens: first, we are pulled forward by egoism, and then we begin to see how egoistic this attraction is and then it is possible to avoid it and achieve genuine goodness. There is no other way to come closer to the Creator but to recognize our evil inclination, the Klipa, and enjoy it as it was at first in Egypt during the first seven years of satiation.

When we connect with this Klipa, we see that it is good only for our belly but not for our soul and that it is impossible to come to true good in this way. This Klipa, which raised us over seven years of satiation in Egypt, brings us to the recognition of its evil, and we no longer want it. This is called “help against.” The evil inclination develops us to such an extent that we begin to despise it, to reject and hate it, to suffer from it.

This is how the whole world was enjoying its egoism. The bigger the egoistic desires of a person were, the more successful he was and the more he enjoyed life until the time of our “last generation” came and we start to reveal how flawed our entire past egoistic development was. We can no longer use our egoism because it does not bear any fruit.

We suddenly discover that the king is naked! He is not a king at all! Then we want to replace him because we cannot exist without enjoying life. If now we are no longer satisfied with the life we had in the twentieth century and it is not enough to be well-fed, rich, noble, and educated in order to be happy, if all this does not bring fulfillment, then he is no longer a king.

This is exactly the period we are in, as it is written: “And the children of Israel sighed from the work.” That is, we do not want to be under the control of our egoistic desire, under the power of Pharaoh, the King of Egypt. He has become the exact opposite and brings us evil and draws us to harmful activities.

Now, during the pandemic, we see that this whole race for egoistic goals has turned out to be a fraud. We have built huge pyramids, and we see that there is no hope to receive any fulfillment from them. We were building palaces, but they are tombs for the dead.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/21, “Amalek

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