Indifference Kills Quietly, Like A Cunning Serpent

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe force of inertia that constantly prevents us from making changes by our own initiative, from awakening and approaching the Creator instead of the pressure of sufferings, and puts a cloud over us is called “Amalek.” In general, it works against the importance of the goal and is the cause of all the failures.

It doesn’t seem to do anything in particular. It simply weakens a person, takes his desire from him, and calms him down, suggesting that there is nothing to be afraid of: “Just go on, and everything will be all right.” It is very clever and thus the strongest: It infects us with indifference. And therefore, this force “Amalek” is considered our chief enemy on this path.

We see that all the other enemies who want to prevent you, shout, show themselves, and reveal their qualities interfere. But Amalek is not like that: He lives quietly on the sidelines, like a cunning serpent. There are people like that, they know how to be invisible but never forget about themselves and always manage secretly, stealthily, to turn everything in their favor. And those people bring the most harm.

It is said that we have to erase the very memory of Amalek. This is the work of the importance of the revelation of the Creator with respect to the actions that we are doing for this purpose and with respect to our hopes that it will happen from Above.

We are in the world of action. And therefore, until we can do some actions in practice, nothing will happen. It would seem that the actions don’t decide anything because the main thing is the intention. But the true intention is Above in the Light, and we are in desire.

That’s why, until the possibility to carry out the actions of connection or mutual closeness presented itself from below, the wisdom of Kabbalah wasn’t revealed and didn’t come out of concealment. After all, nothing could be done if there was no opportunity to perform any correction practically.

Our intentions are always egoistic, but things could lead to changes, as it is said, hearts follow the deeds. That’s why when the world starts changing so much because the Creator is approaching us, we can carry out the same actions, going towards Him. And even if these actions are without the correct intention, they will still change and purify our desires, meaning, they will be helpful.

Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah is being revealed, and we can work and produce changes in ourselves through our attempts to unite with each other and through the dissemination of this message around the world. We explain the future to which humanity has to come and what awaits all of us. We explain how we should act so that the revelation of the Creator is kind, when we do not shirk it in every possible way, but rather desire to live according to His new approach.

New management, a new power, has been established in the world; a new network of forces that rules the world today is being revealed. And we have to understand and feel it, to come into compliance with it. If we do our best to accomplish this, we erase the memory of Amalek because Amalek works mostly on downplaying the importance of the Creator, the property of mutual bestowal, which is the whole essence of the new management, new government, now landing on our Earth and covering us like a cloud.

The reason for the crisis is that the Creator is getting closer; His quality of bestowal is coming to us, and we begin to feel it between us stronger and stronger. We “erase the memory of Amalek” with our explanations in practice, in this world, below. And then the Creator, the upper force, will complete this action from Above with the Light that Reforms.

If we try to perform these actions even in our old egoistic nature, but altogether, with the whole world, wherever possible, explaining and bringing people closer to the approaching Creator, we attract the Light of correction and begin to change. That is, first, we erase the memory of Amalek below, and according to this, the Creator later erases the memory of him Above.

Thus, we become allies with Him, fighting one enemy who stands between us and separates us: us from the Creator and us from one another. And by this measure, the misty cloud turns into a powerful connecting field, in which we discover our new vessel (desire) and there, the property of love and bestowal, which is called the revelation of the Creator to the created beings.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. amalek or doubt is doubting Gods perfection, his goodness, his love, his light, his LIFE, his creation, his workmanship, his everything in favor of looking at ourselves and how imperfect we feel, seem, unable to measure up, hence amelek:

    received knowledge is received, not created by our own effort: Live and let live comes from understanding GOD IS PERFECT even if you don’t fullly grasp what perfect feels like by comparing yourself to it:

    for 19 years I have been LOOKING at this perfect that was REVEALED TO ME, and IN Me when I received this ‘da’at’ because Bina entered Malkut: For 19 years I have scrutinized and discerned that I just can’t measure up to this HOLINESS no matter how long I look at it and desire to be one with it, and work to love others according to what I discern about it………and on and on

    just today I discern that I need to LEAVE ME ALONE……….stop picking on me like a dog who can’t do dishes; the creator will do what he will do and we can ask till the cows come home to be move loving…………if we don’t RECEIVE HIS LOVE within our own vessel, we will not be able to LET IT FLOW to others…….and it is a very passive thing to feel the LOVE of the creator flow through you…….the INTENTION here is to “LET IT” flow, leave it alone…………hence intention egoistically is to DO something………spiritually it is to BE……..JUST BE and let LOVE do its thing in and through YOU:

  2. Is Amalek a person or a force within us?

  3. Thank you, I was just trying to figure out the name for what else I was seeing. Thanks for describing it! 🙂

  4. Sounds like america

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