You Will Die Today So I Could Die Tomorrow

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (M. Hazin, an economist, from “The mask of ‘civility’ is slipping down from capitalism before our eyes. For the last 30 years, the amount of money in the economy grew quicker than the economy itself, and a ‘bubble’ of the financial economy was inflated over the real sector of economy.

“The crisis ‘blew off’ some of the financial ‘bubbles.’ However, the enormous emission by the Federal Reserve System (FRS) saved the situation. Yet, the basis of the financial ‘bubble,’ the real economy, began to slow down. And since the real profit in economy is based only on the final household and state demand, a question arose: What should be done next?

“The households are reducing their demand, and the states are temporally increased it. But they cannot continue doing it any longer. The alternative is a sharp drop in GDP.

“There is an enormous amount of money in the world, and it is being invested somewhere all the time by its owners, which creates an illusion of local growth. But the objective flow of the economic processes cannot be stopped.

“A large-scale fall of the speculative markets is simply inconceivable for the western countries. The alternative is the following: If there are no mutual liquidity sources, it is necessary to take them from someone.

“Conclusion: Therefore, this coming fall of 2011, the U.S. most likely will stimulate a financial crisis in Europe, with the objective of transferring liquidity to their markets, according to the principle of ‘you will die today so I could die tomorrow.’ Capitalism is starting to follow namely this prison camp principle, and its mask of ‘civility’ is slipping down before our eyes.”

My Comment: In our neck of the woods, they are instigating revolutions, anarchy, and wars. And all of it is done only to escape bankruptcy. In accordance with the globality of the world and universal interconnection, it will all backfire at them with a hard knockout blow. In the interconnected world, only reciprocity with others guarantees the future of the state. Is suffering really the only way for this world to learn new integrated relationships of mutual guarantee?

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  1. I fear that kindness has been given too long to snakes, and they rely on our mercy to restock their reserves of blood. Blood has always been the source of tyrannical power, for fear of death is so strong in animals, and only the enlightened are able to resist this fear for higher cause. Sadly, mainstream corrupted religion has made such truth seeking insane and frivolous in appearance thus giving the blood letters even more power to manipulate us at the tip of a blade. It has also banished the snake hunters to obscurity, where once many ‘jedi’ kept the peace. God help us, I do not know what to do, and people speak in greater and greater numbers of how the problem is overpopulation, with each group saying whom should die off. Something terrible may be coming…

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