The Omer Count

032.01Day by day we study and clarify the path that we must go through from the exodus of Egypt to the very end of correction, that is, the revelation of the entire program of development.

When we manage to rise above our egoistic desire called Pharaoh and stop depending on it, by restricting our egoism, this will mean that we are exiting Egypt, reception for our own sake, and entering a new, spiritual state.

The spiritual world, which is absolutely unknown to us, will open before us, then how can we understand where we are? Therefore, the exodus from Egypt is followed by a period called the Omer Count—when we count the desires revealed in us in our connection with the group and tie them into a sheaf (Omer) like stalks of wheat.

We collect the desires that are revealed in us and attach them to this sheaf. Their correction is precisely in the fact that we bundle them together. When all the desires of the group are gathered into one, this structure becomes ready to receive the upper light. This means that we have been rewarded with the giving of the Torah and have come to the next station called Shavuot (end of the counting of seven weeks).

The upper light is revealed within our connection because we have become similar to the light: the Creator is revealed to the created beings in the state called “standing before Mount Sinai.”

Each ten connects within itself, then tens connect together into one single whole, and become similar to the light, and the light is revealed in us. This is the condition for receiving the Torah, receiving the upper light.

The entire work is in changing our intention in order not to think about ourselves, about our own benefit, but to think about the Creator, about His benefit. And we can think about the benefit of the Creator only under the condition that we are connected, because the Creator is revealed only within our connection. If we really want to give Him contentment, we must connect with our friends and thus allow the Creator to be revealed in us.

The whole pleasure of the Creator is to be revealed to the created beings and to feel how they enjoy His revelation. It is like a mother whose entire happiness is to see her children healthy and happy.

The only way to bring contentment to the Creator is to give Him the opportunity to fulfill and delight us. This is how we become equivalent: I delight the Creator by my delight in Him.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/13/21, “Counting of the Omer (Sefirat HaOmer)“

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