A Person’s Essential Work

Dr. MIchael LaitmanRabash’s Letter #59: The essential work of the person is to connect himself with the Creator.

The word “Omer” comes from the phrase gathering sheaves (Malmim Alumim). That is, through this a person becomes mute (Ilem) and doesn’t open his mouth with accusations against the Creator, rather for him, “Everything that comes from the Creator is for the good” (Berachot 9).

And he says to himself that his thoughts and desires will be only for the sake of Heaven, so he is a sheaf (Omer).

This means that through making a strong connection between all of his thoughts and desires so that they will be for only one goal, which is to give contentment to his Creator, the person is called a sheaf (Omer).

And the counting (Sefirat – סְפִירָה) of the Omer comes from the word “Sapphire (Sapir – סַפִּיר),” Light. Due to a person connecting himself to the Creator, the person receives the revelation of the Light of the Creator and thus becomes an Omer (sheaf), connecting all of the desires into one connection, for one goal, which is for the sake of Heaven; for the sake of what is higher, this Omer shines.

And since it includes seven qualities (measures), which must all be corrected so that they are all for the Creator, there is a general rule that every quality is included in all the qualities, so it follows that there are seven times seven, 49 days until the receiving of the Torah. For the Omer is from barley (Seorim); that is, it comes from measurements (Sha’arim, levels) for which he places the greatness of the Creator in his heart, to that degree the Light of the Creator dwells in a person.

And this is called the aspect of faith. And when the person merits faith in the Creator, this is called the level of the beast. And this is the idea that the Omer was barley, which is animal feed, meaning that he has not yet merited the knowledge of the Torah.

If so, on Shavuot, when we merit receiving the Torah, then we receive the knowledge of the Torah, so we sacrifice the wheat offering, which is human food, which is the speaking level, the level of the Torah.

We gather sheaves, which is the aspect of the mute, when he is only animate and not speaking. For only through the Torah do we merit the speaking aspect.”

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