How Does A Ten Impact The World?

530Question: What does uniting the ten in order to manage the creation mean?

Answer: The ten and the whole creation are the same thing. The ten is the same system but on a smaller scale. What we do in the ten impacts the whole creation to the same degree as the ten’s resemblance to it.

If we can somehow connect in the ten by resembling the laws of mutual bestowal that are in the general creation, we impact the whole world to the extent that we try to implement these laws on top of our egoism. Moreover, our impact is also very strong because we are small and weak beginners.

It seems that the more we grow, the more we will be able to impact everything. In fact, on one hand, we seemingly have a greater impact but, on the other hand, we have less of an impact. This is like the impact small kids have on the world. It is not great in power, but it is great in its impact.

This means that we pay much more attention to children than to adults. The world must be attentive to them and act for them since they are the central part of the world and its future.

So, by the power of the attribute of bestowal and its quality, we impact creation to a great extent qualitatively and very little by force. This will change later because we will speak about spiritual worlds and not about our egoistic world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/5/19

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