Collective Punishment Or A Lesson

294.2The transition to the state of spiritual embryo, which starts to develop in the upper world, is very difficult. This is the most difficult transition of all spiritual processes. We can say the same about corporeal conception and birth of a new life, which is a miracle.

Therefore, the spiritual transition requires a lot of patience and perseverance, a daily examination of what we can add to the state of spiritual conception in order to transition from the feeling of this world to the feeling of the upper world, from externality to internality.

Such a transition requires complying with many conditions and strictly following the advice of Kabbalists, working in the ten with complete subjugation without which it is impossible to come closer to the Creator. My friends are very important to me because only through them can I influence the Creator and advance.

Through the coronavirus pandemic and all other problems such as fires and floods, the Creator teaches us that it is only possible to approach Him if you value society and become integrated into it as much as possible. There are still many such problems ahead of us, and all of them are in order to make us think about the way to escape the blows. Salvation is possible only through collective work, all the way to complete connection.

This is how we will reach the solution.

The blows bring us closer to a better understanding of the connection we should be in with each other. Nowadays, blows are happening on a global scale and are affecting all of humanity because we live in what is called the last generation, which must begin the correction. That is why the Creator arranges such lessons for us—so that we can find out what He requires from us based on His actions toward us.

We must understand that the only way to protect ourselves from blows, floods, fires, and viruses is through good relations between us. Until we learn this, we will receive blow after blow. We will not be able to return to a quiet life. Nature is preparing unpleasant surprises for us from all directions. Since the modern world is connected by a global network, wherever a blow occurs, it will resonate everywhere and reach everyone.

Everyone will feel the blow, which will help us recognize that we are connected and dependent on each other. If we do not want to come to this voluntarily, then the Creator will have to teach us through such collective punishments.

Everyone will receive some kind of blow: some will suffer from fires, others from floods, others from viruses, others from extreme heat or cold. We cannot know why each of us received precisely this kind of a blow, but in the end, everyone will suffer.

This is exactly what is happening now and will happen in the future. Our life is determined by the time in which we live, that is, by the stage of general correction. Hence, world wars, extensive fires around the globe, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions can possibly occur. Nature has enough measures of influence.

However, it all depends on how quickly we can put a protective shield against all these problems, that is, can come closer to each other and thereby cancel all evil forces.

The Earth will immediately calm down because with a good connection between us, we can calm and balance it and live a wonderful life. We will continue to strengthen our connection more and more until we reveal within it not only the sensation of this world to its full depth, but we will also begin to reveal the upper world ever higher and higher.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/29/21, “Ibur (Impregnation) and Yenika (Nursing)”

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