Wake Up—Fire!

293In everything that happens in the world, we should see the good and benevolent governance of the Creator who brings us only good. In this way, He corrects the souls and connects them together into one common soul.

However, we see everything in a different way, and the question is how much I want to discover the truth in order to justify the Creator and be grateful to Him for his kindness by adhering to Him. This is my correction.

If I see a corrupted world, it is because I judge from my flaws. We do not see anything outside of us but only what is happening inside each of us and all of us together. All floods, fires, and pandemics are symptoms of our own disease.

If we went to a doctor who could diagnose each of us and all of us together, he would be horrified at how serious our disease is. He would say: “You see fires? It is because you have a high fever. You see floods? These are also diseases within you. At one point you feel the forces of Gevura on the right side appearing as floods and another time on the left manifesting as a fire. In the middle, between them, there is another blow, the pandemic. You are yet to uncover many other blows on the right, on the left, and in the middle, because I have no other way to convince you of the need for correction except with such blows.”

It turns out that we are to blame for being in the difficult state we are in now because many years have passed and we still did not wake up for corrections in any way.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/25/21, “Entry Into the Spiritual Degree”

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