A Viral Pandemic Multiplied By The Pandemic Of Egoism

290Only good forces come to us from above, but if we are not ready to receive them, we feel them as blows. This is the case with the coronavirus. If we were ready to accept this force, which eventually came to us in the form of a pandemic, if we united to become internally closer to each other in the face of danger, it would not have manifested itself.

Look how animals unite against a common disaster. When they run together, fleeing from a flood or a forest fire, they no longer attack each other. They feel that they must save their lives, and their predatory instinct is suppressed by the instinct of self-preservation.

We are now in the same situation. The blows that we feel from nature or the Creator, the upper force, should push us to correct conclusions about how to get rid of them.

We need to see how animals behave, when fleeing from danger, they do not attack each other. The predator’s instinct disappears and only the instinct for the struggle for life remains. If we took an example from the animate level, we would have defeated the pandemic and correctly and successfully gotten out of this state.

But the problem is that we are not at the animal level. We are spoiled animals because we have human egoism, which poisons everything.

Therefore, we cannot even think in the direction of connection, unity, and closeness in order to escape from the pandemic. Even in the context of a global pandemic, governments and individuals are trying to make profits and cash-in on each other because they believe this will bring them wealth and success.

Thus, they make the trouble twice as bad, incur double the problems. Instead of being together with others and thus softening the force of Gevura, they multiply the power of evil. Therefore, we will have to learn through suffering.

The pandemic does not come to make people sick or kill them, but to teach us how to behave toward each other. But for now, we see that we are not learning, but we are going the opposite direction, that is, the path of suffering. Every country thinks that it can succeed and win at the expense of other countries and nations. And this is the mistake.

However, gradually, under these blows, we will descend to simple survival like on the animal level, and then we will begin to see that it is worth helping each other and not hurting others when you are running from a common disaster together.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/16/21, “The Ruin as an Opportunity for Correction”

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