Not Just A Pandemic

220The world has fallen into such a difficult state that it will be forced to move toward connection whether it wants to or not. We are being pushed to this from above, and if we do not want to connect, then the connection will start to be implemented anyway. We will feel opposition to it and will incur great suffering and troubles.

This is similar to the attitude of parents toward children. If children are friendly and obedient, then parents treat them kindly. And if children behave badly, then parents have to punish them to correct them, and children feel this as evil.

We are now in a special situation. For the first time in history, human society is undergoing a general transformation. The coronavirus pandemic is incomparable in scale even with the Second World War; it affects everywhere on the globe. And beside the pandemic, other blows will come: climatic cataclysms and other extreme events in order to obligate us to unite more and together resist the blows of nature, that is, the Creator.

This is not just a pandemic, but the beginning of a new era that will increasingly balance us in order to bring us to the right state and a sense of connection and dependence on each other. We can already see how everything has changed over the past year: tourists no longer travel around the world. Everyone huddles in their own corner.

For now, we still hope to return to our former life, but it will no longer be. You will not need so many planes and ships; a lot will change in the world. The problems will not go away until we fix the connection between us. If the connection is correct that will lead to integration and unity and not for the sake of benefitting from each other, then the system will work. Otherwise, not. This is how the upper governance will teach us.

The Creator will stop all our egoistic activities until we gradually learn, through using the example of a common system on a global scale, how to properly work with our egoism. He will no longer let us misbehave.

Over the past hundred years, the Creator has allowed us to build global, international systems around the world on a material level: the Internet, industrial relations, tourism, and international relations. And now we need to learn how to work correctly with these systems for the good of our neighbor and for the benefit of the Creator.

The form of the correct connection is when everyone tries to fulfill the other, like the union of a man and a woman, plus and minus. Therefore, I have to look at what the other person lacks, what I can fulfill him with. And he is searching for the same needs in me.

This is contrary to our egoism because we try to make an alliance between us in order to earn money from each other. But the development has reached such a limit that this approach no longer works. The egoistic union has ceased to bring profit as before.

And therefore, these systems will fall apart and stop until we grasp in what form they should operate. So far, we have developed in an egoistic form, but it is time now to correct what we have done. All this will happen in the coming years.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/26/21

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