Serving The Creator

740.02Question: Before the people entered the land of Israel, it was called Canaan—from the word “Leachnia,” to belittle oneself. What does this mean inside a person?

Answer: This is the property of Abraham, who constantly annuls himself before the Creator. If a person in his advancement attains the desire (land, Eretz—from the word “Ratzon,” desire), to bring himself even closer to the Creator, then this is called coming to the land of Canaan.

Question: Although in corporeality Abraham came to Canaan from ancient Babylon, then descended to Egypt and again went to Canaan, then to Beersheba, Sodom and Gomorrah, all these movements took place inside a person. Are these changes of states?

Answer: Of course! This is exactly what happens and it is the most important thing. This refers to internal, not external changes.

Question: It is said that Abraham sat in a tent and taught everyone who wanted to hear. What did he teach them?

Answer: The principle of monotheism, which is the highest positive force (the property of bestowal) that governs the whole world, and it is this property that we must worship and cultivate in ourselves in every possible way.

Question: Abraham was forced to leave Nimrod from Babylon to Canaan. But there was a famine, and he still had to go down to Egypt. What does it mean?

Answer: Abraham, being only in the quality of bestowal, could not fill himself in serving the Creator, in congruence with Him in properties.

Therefore, he had to open his desire to egoistic properties, so that at a certain combination between egoistic and altruistic properties—receiving and giving—he could correctly become like the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/11/21

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