How To Choose Your Spouse

294.4Question: Should people who are looking for a spouse match each other mentally?

Answer: It is desirable that they are from the same society, the same circle, that they understand each other mentally and emotionally, have similar habits, and their parents have the same ideology; otherwise, it is very difficult.

In nature, everything strives for similarity, for balance. If you take a person from Asia, and another from Chukotka or North America, it is very difficult for them to interact and to have mutual understanding so they can connect and represent one whole.

Therefore, nature creates everything in pairs and on rapprochement between people. I advise that similar aspire for similar.

Comment: Often a woman thinks that if she marries an Englishman, for example, her life will change for the better.

My Response: She will not appreciate him. I have many such examples. She will live in her shell and he will live in his. Maybe there will be normal relations between them, but purely externally; there will be no internal contact.

If we are talking about a couple, then a person must still feel the other directly. When you create any mechanism, you think about how its parts will adapt to each other, accept, perceive, and continue one another.

Comment: But there are some couples that do become closer to each other.

My Response: It happens, but it is an exception. It is better to choose a spouse of the same mentality, from the same land, with the same upbringing and understanding.

Over time, all this will go through the general correction, will be melted down, and real spiritual individuals will come out of all of us. I think that we will see something like that even in this generation.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to choose a pair for yourself” 4/12/14

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