Symbiosis Of Man And Woman

571.08Question: What kind of power does a woman give to a man?

Answer: A woman develops what she receives from a man and creates a new generation. Meaning, she develops not herself and not him, but the next generation, in relation to which she appears as a creator.

In the upper world, the soul is born from the female part, Bina. In our world, the next generation, both male and female individuals are born from the mother. In this respect, a woman performs the function of the Creator.

The function of a man is to determine how and what will be born from her. This symbiosis of the two parts is so interconnected that it is sometimes very difficult to separate their mutual functions. But the interdependence is just amazing!

A woman should be equal with a man: mentally, spiritually. At every level, they should interact equally, and only in this way will they be able to produce the next normal generation, both material and spiritual.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Siamese Twins” 9/19/10

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