What Should The World Come To?

115.05Question: These days, everything can easily be painted gold. Although it looks cheap, people still have a desire for something shiny, made to look like gold. Why doesn’t the passion for this disappear?

Answer: We cannot be indifferent to the color of gold because for thousands of years it has been the most valuable color. If we give a child different colors to play with, he will also reach for the warm light. Not for silver, but for gold, because it is a warm light, a warm color.

But personally, I do not look at it that way. I have not felt any value in it for a long time.

Comment: It’s just that the entire world is constantly revolving around shiny trinkets.

My Response: The entire world must come to the recognition of the evil of its egoism, to the fact that we work for it for free, that this egoism is inside everyone like a cancerous tumor eating us up.

A person must understand this, and begin to fight against egoism, to feel it in himself as the most evil, most cunning, insidious enemy, and also understand that there is nothing outside, and everything is only inside.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Dollars, Gold or Diamonds?” 4/21/14

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