The Cure For Death From Jeff Bezos

294.3In the News (Popular Mechanics): “It sure looks like Jeff Bezos has plans to cheat death.

“The founder and former CEO of Amazon has reportedly made an investment in the freshly launched Altos Labs, a biotech startup focused on ‘cellular rejuvenation programming to restore cell health and resilience, with the goal of reversing disease to transform medicine’ … . With $3 billion in backing on day one, Altos Labs has hit the ground running with what may be the single largest funding round for a biotech company, according to the Financial Times of London.”

My Response: Naturally, he cares about this. He will take care for himself.

Question: What do you think about this aspiration of people? He probably explains it beautifully: “I want people to live longer,” and so on.

Answer: Why do people need to live longer?

Comment: Man wants to live longer.

My Response: Why? He does not know. But he wants to. Let him answer this first: “Why do you need it?”

Let’s say I have the elixir of life. You take one drop and you will live another 100 years. Then you will come to me again. And then what? How will this help such a Mephistopheles?

Question: Do you think that a person’s hand will not shake when he takes this drop in order to live longer? Or do you actually want that his hand would shake, and he would think: “Why? What will it give me?”

Answer: The instinct to live is very strong. If I know that I am now in charge of my life and death, then I think that everyone will agree for yet another round.

Question: To live more, to suffer for another round?

Answer: Only the fear of death, its inevitability, and the unknown will make a person live. That is, nothing good.

Question: Are you saying that the fear of death will make a person live and not the purpose of life?

Answer: It is natural. What purpose of life? There is none. The purpose of an ordinary person’s life is to escape from death. Why? “I am afraid.”

Question: How should it be?

Answer: I have seen many elderly people, old people who agree with death: “Now I am going to lie down and I will not get up, and it is good.” A person gets tired of life. Why continue the same thing tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and again?

Question: If you find the purpose of life, then is it justified to live longer and longer? I have found the purpose of life, I want to reach it.

Answer: Then, naturally, you have all the incentives. If your purpose in life justifies prolonging your life, prolong it. Come to the cashier, write a request, and take the elixir.

Question: Should the purpose of life be unattainable? Very elevated? Or are we talking about even an ordinary purpose of life?

Answer: You write a request, and we will see. We will make a decision. Let’s give him two years or 20 years. Or maybe 200 years.

Question: For what purpose of life will you personally approve 200 years and give the elixir? Say, somebody came to you and said: “I have such and such purpose of life.”

Answer: I would not give anything to anyone. Absolutely nothing to anyone. Whatever you have, keep within this deadline.

Question: What purpose do you accept as the purpose of life?

Answer: To be able to do more for people. This is not easy. To reach such a decision and then implement it. I hope we will have enough time.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/10/22

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