The Creator Is Love

572.02Question: Victoria writes: “Dear Michael Laitman, from your explanations it seems we can feel true love only for the Creator. Is that true? What about us? Are we destined to live without love?”

Answer: No, why? We will love each other to the extent that we see each other as a partner, a companion, and a friend in reaching love for the Creator.

Question: How can we understand this “reaching love for the Creator?”

Answer: I have to establish such relationships and states with other people who are both close and distant and with absolutely everyone regardless of what kind of relationships I have with them, until they all eventually give me the opportunity to feel and explore the Creator.

Question: When you say “the Creator” what do you mean?

Answer: The very feeling of love, connection, mutuality, getting closer to each other, and adhesion.

Question: Should this be our goal? And do we need to constantly move toward it?

Answer: Yes. We must constantly move toward it. Moreover, the Creator by Himself does not exist. A feeling exists of getting closer to others, which arises from a mutual attempt to reveal the quality of love and bestowal.

Question: Do you call this feeling the revelation of the Creator?

Answer: Yes. The Creator is love. This has nothing to do with love for a man, a woman, a child, no matter who or what. This is just love for everything that I would say, feels like it exists outside of me.

Question: Is there love only outside of me?

Answer: Yes.

Question: I do not have it within me. And is it right to say love is only outside of me?

Answer: Within me it is egoistic and predetermined and I must rise above it to feel the true love.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/14/22

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