How To Cope With The Shock Of Hate?

962.3Comment: Lyudmila asks about how to cope with the shock of so much hatred that has been revealed? She wonders if we are strong enough to cover this mass of disclosed evil?”

My Response: No, you do not have to do it. You do not have to cover anything, you do not have to deal with anything. We should just try to love. Otherwise, it is impossible to get out of this state.

Now a lot of evil has been revealed, and we have the opportunity to reveal goodness.

Question: And if we did not have such an opportunity to reveal goodness, to reveal love, would evil be revealed?

Answer: From where? We must approach a feeling of goodness and love in advance, gradually, slowly, in order to begin to feel that in fact, there is evil and hatred between us, and then consciously extract the property of love and connection.

Question: If this evil had not been revealed, would we not have been able to obtain this love today?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: So it turns out that we are already able to extract it?

Answer: We are capable of it. We have to. Otherwise, it would not open. We must be prepared for this.

Question: Is there any law in this?

Answer: The law is absolutely clear, there is such a sinusoidal, periodic component here.

Love and hate, love and hate, this is how it should periodically manifest itself, overlapping each other, and grow, grow, and grow.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/14/22

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