Love Will Cover All Our Crimes

624.04Question: Victor asks: “Dear Michael Laitman! You say: “Love will cover all our crimes.” Don’t  you see that it’s impossible?”

Answer: I see that, generally, in the end, it is possible. It is possible! That is how it will all happen, although it will go through us with a rake. This egoism will be torn off from us with a rake, leaving torn flesh, wounds! But a little altruism will appear through them. That is how we will gradually get rid of it.

It is not good. But we have no other way. Otherwise, we will not appreciate the power of egoism, the power of altruism, and the relationship between them. It is precisely on the contradiction and on the connection between them that love arises, which is the final stage of the revelation of the Creator’s plan.

Question: You say that there is hatred and that we must cover it with love, and they must exist together, hatred and love. Isn’t that the most incomprehensible thing?

Answer: It is not clear because when you hate, you shake, you do not know how to burst. When love bursts you, you spread out to the whole world, you do not know where to go.

These two parts should join, complement each other, and then you will feel the perfection of creation. Exactly in this way. Now we do not feel either part. When they begin to unfold in us, then we will feel it.

Comment: This is elevated wisdom.

My Response: It does not matter, we will have the strength, brains, everything.

Question: How can an ordinary person attain this height?

Answer: We should start with a little, like all of us. Starting with little, we should just understand, formally studying, that we have no other way out. We, the creatures, are obliged to grow to the level of the Creator, and this can only happen if we climb the steps of the ladder.

From small hatred to love, from greater hatred to more love, from the most terrible hatred to the greatest love. We connect them together all the time, step by step, and do not destroy them.

You will see that it will be so, and very soon.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/3/22

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