Rise Above Two Lines

232.08Christians and Muslims reflect two basic natural properties. Christians symbolize the left line (egoism), Muslims symbolize the right (egoistic altruism), and there is no third, middle line in nature. Therefore, those who say that Jews have no place in the world at all are right.

This question will be especially acute now because humanity is finally beginning to realize that it exists in the world, but what world is it? Based on what? What is the purpose? For what?

Right now, even sharper guesses will arise that the secret of existence—for the sake of what?—is in the middle line. This middle line, which should lead us to the goal where we can unravel the riddle of the universe, our origin, and the future state of all mankind is again found belonging to these same Jews.

Question: What does it mean that life can exist only in the middle line?

Answer: The middle line should consist of two opposite properties—Muslim and Christian in the correct combination with each other.

But this is not just a combination, I take it and mixed it in some proportion. You need to rise above both lines and create a completely new property based on them.

Both, egoism (left side) and altruism (right side) must be used correctly, only in ascent. It is necessary to add the middle line to them and rise above egoism and egoistic altruism.

This is not an easy decision. It is impossible to guess its existence. It is revealed in Kabbalah. Since it is very difficult to master, it was gradually passed down through many generations to our time.

Today we begin to reveal it, to explain it. It takes a lot more effort to bring it closer to the masses.
From KabTV’s “Close up. The Formula of the Creator” 7/18/10

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