Could Einstein Develop A Unified Field Theory?

219.01Comment: It is known that Einstein developed the unified field theory and later burned it because he was afraid that this knowledge would be used by unworthy ones.

My Response: I tried to explore this a bit and even went to Bern for this reason. I do not think that Einstein had the ability to develop this theory because the only possible way to come to a serious conclusion about the existence of a unified field and describe it is from above.

From above means through the study of Kabbalah. It is impossible otherwise because there are a great number of such problems that cannot be described in our world. This is the same as in quantum physics. Suddenly we encounter information in corpuscular and wave theories that the same body can be in two places at the same time.

That is, here we see borderline phenomena. Science has yet to reveal in the future many things that it will not be able to work with. After all, in order to correctly see these phenomena, a person himself must rise to their level, meaning above time, motion, speed, and space. This is possible only when one acquires spiritual forces. For this one needs the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Therefore, despite the fact that Einstein tried to develop a unified field theory, and now many scientists are trying, they will be able to achieve this only after they come to us to study. I am sure of it. I think this is the next stage.

Comment: Some people say that if a person were given the knowledge that Kabbalah speaks about, many could use it to harm.

My Response: No! Never! The phenomena that they would have revealed does not exist on the material level. You cannot attach any instruments to them, you cannot do anything with them in any way, because you pass them only through yourself, inside your soul, inside your qualities.

What does soul mean? These are my qualities that are above time, place, and motion.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Beyond the Last Line” 5/3/10

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